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  1. Check what the status of your case is using your case number. Here is the link for LA county, I'm not sure what the site is for other county's but it shouldn't be difficult to find. http://www.lacourt.org/casesummary/ui/index.aspx?casetype=familylaw Check if they claim if you were served by personal service or substituted service. Either way you must answer within 30 or 40 days otherwise they will win a default judgment. Please DO NOT wait until 2022 to take action. Here is the link for the CA rules for answering. I'll also quote the rule below https://www.courts.ca.gov/1322.htm You have 30 days AFTER the date you are served to file a response with the court. The 30 days include weekend days and court holidays. If the last day falls on a day that the court is closed, you have until the next day that the court is open. If you were served by substituted service, meaning the summons and complaint were given to someone else in your household or place of work, and another copy was mailed to you, you have 40 days from the date of the mailing to file your response. BUT before you count on these extra 10 days, make sure the plaintiff’s proof of service says you were substitute served and not personally served. You can find out by calling the plaintiff’s lawyer and asking how the process server claims you were served, and also what date your response is due. Send a fax or letter to the law firm confirming the information you are given.
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