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    CASE DISMISSED. YOU PEOPLE ARE GODSENT. THANKS EVERYONE BUT SPECIFICALLY @fisthardcheese AND @Harry Seaward. Felt soooo good knowing those lawyers that were laughing in my face from the director of the firm to the rent a lawyer had to eat their words....
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    I would have never sent that meaningless "election" of arbitration letter. You are only giving them more reason to rush a lawsuit into small claims. Once they respond to your verification letter, NO further contact is always best unless it is through court or arbitration. If this were me, I would be filing a claim with JAMS today. Citi and Credit One are the ONLY card agreements I suggest doing this with due to to their small claims language. You will have to pay the $250 filing fee to JAMS, but if you can't pay it now when you file the claim, send the claim anyway and JAMS will ask for it in a couple weeks if you need to buy time. $250 will be the only required fee from you and there is no need to ask or talk about fees with anyone else. JAMS will take care of billing the proper party (the JDB). They are likely to still try to sue you. Court is generally inevitable. Don't be afraid of it, just deal with it from a place of knowledge and leverage - which you are already getting a good start on by learning here.
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    I didn’t see the other persons question on my thread. Sorry, and yes, it is very confusing!
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    This is pretty strong evidence against any claim based on any of the four (mistake, inadvertence, surprise, or excusable neglect). I'd like to think that your chances are good, but Arizona (JP).
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    Very nice, although the OP said it was a motion for a default judgment. Basically they are claiming you never replied to the summons properly. That is not true. Take all the quoted advice, and write it up as an Objection to the Motion for Default Judgment. I once had a plaintiff file a bogus motion for default judgment against me. I had followed all the procedures correctly. The judge had a hearing, I explained what I had done, and the judge ruled against them. So don’t be scared.
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    Let them run up their arb costs and then BK - they deserve to be taught a lesson on this one.