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    You can want something all you want, that does not mean it is not going to happen. The way I see it, the lawyer is correct. The only 3 options you have are to let them garnish your paycheck, try to settle the debt, or declare bankruptcy. You are not going to get this vacated because this is a proper judgement which has not reached the statute of limitations for judgements. Here is why I think the lawyer is correct: You were properly served You went to court and presented your case and the judge found against you or you signed a consent judgement as a settlement. Either way, you lost and a judgement was issued against you. If the original debt SOL had passed, you should have brought that up in 2007, not now. You usually have 30 days to appeal a ruling against you. You did not do that. The SOL for a judgement in Florida is 20 years so that has not passed yet. I see nothing wrong with the judgement or the manner in which it was issued. If you try to get it vacated, the judge is going to laugh at you so don't waste your time. If this is not what you want to hear, then you are in the wrong place because we will tell it like it is without any nonsense and in this case, you cannot do anything at this point except pay the debt, including the 13 years of interest which I sure has been added. The debt collector does not have to offer a favorable settlement to you because they hold most of the cards and you really have no leverage here.
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    My rule is whenever I hear from a collection agency, I send a DV letter. Always. Especially since there is already a suit.
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    SCAM!! DO NOT call and DO NOT PAY! Here are the RED flags: I'm calling to from the county processing unit No such unit exists in any state. It is sitting here with a potential judgement NO! Unless you have been sued and lost there is no such thing as a "potential judgment" A mandatory 24 hour hold was placed on the documentation per state law just to give time and opportunity for you to reach out to the filing party directly to obtain detailed information or to try and resolve matter voluntarily before further action is taken. There is no state law in TX that requires they wait 24 hours before acting on a valid judgment. If it is not taken care of voluntarily before the hold expires it will be filed and dispatched with a local courier to your place of employment and your home address at (my address) Ah the old threat to go to your employer. This is to scare you into paying. Especially entertaining when the call recipient happens to be self or unemployed. Again Keller and Phillips is that filing party Google Keller Williams. They are a Real Estate company LMAO. Do warn friends, family and employer that you have been targeted by a scammer and that you do not owe any money. You don't want them to panic and pay thinking they are helping you.
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    The delinquency was with the OC. The “date opened” is the date the collection account was opened in the JDB’s files. There is nothing wrong with that.
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    @MikeS This Ohio thread has a lot of useful information and links to other Ohio threads, including @MikeB35 cases.
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    Ok. I'm going to try to file a response. I just assumed because the Trial Court rule on the Motion to Correct Error only states a timeline for the initial reply, but nothing for an additional reply, that I couldn't reply, but I'll get one started. In their response, they even added a copy of the credit card agreement that I included with my MTC, so obviously they are not disputing that it's the correct agreement. And according to 34-57-2-3(a), when a party refuses to arbitration(clearly they are), the court must compel arbitration. So clearly I can't do anything until the court tells me that I can.
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    So, I filed my Motion to Correct Error, basically citing the above referenced statute and stating that all proceedings should have been stayed until the court either denied or compelled arbitration. The plaintiff responded and stated that the case was stayed due to my MTC, and that I did not properly invoke arbitration. They stated I failed to contact an arbitration firm and that my inaction does not indefinitely stay the case. How do the courts look at this? I feel like it would have been unwise of me to start the Arbitration process without an order from the court compelling arbitration. I could have spent the $250 initial fee for arbitration, and the court then subsequently denies the motion, and I'm out of that cost. Maybe I'm wrong in this? I don't believe I can reply to their opposition of my Motion to Correct Error.
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    After conducting some more research, I believe my best option for my next step is not filing a notice of appeal, but filing a motion to correct error with the trial court. In this motion I will cite 34-57-2-3(d) stating that upon my application for an order on arbitration, any proceedings should have been stayed. It appears this is the best practice to use before appealing, as all appellate cases I've read, the appellant has filed a motion to correct errors prior to appealing. This will also extend my deadline for appeal by another 30 days from when I file. If my motion to correct errors is denied, then I will have another final order that can be included in the appeal.
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    Thank you for this! I will file my Notice of Appeal on friday. After that its a waiting game. Once the clerk of my court gets everything to the clerk of the court of appeals, I'll have 30 days to file my brief. That will be the next big step. I'll keep this updated. Thanks for your help.