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  1. @Ddjcplus4 What about the summons? Can you post that? Here is something to read that should show you what to answer. In general you admit that 1) you are who they say you are and b) they are who they say they are and deny the rest. You can write up your own response, as well, you don't need to use their form.
  2. @indiana gal According to this:, JAMS is better as it is more costly for the creditor.
  3. @oe1489 - we need more info. You disputed claim on credit? What does that mean? You disputed a charge or a late pay?
  4. Can you post the whole thing? I don't know what box 3b is. @Ddjcplus4
  5. Go in, by all means and get the paperwork, especially if your date is the 27th.
  6. @Ddjcplus4 It would be really helpful if you would post your summons here.
  7. I'm confused, did you already pay them something? Did you get your summons? If you didn't I suggest to stop avoiding it.
  8. I think the letter looks fine. It would be nice if they would agree to remove the collection, but at this point, I think you're winning.
  9. @Clydesmomagree 100%. The more you offer them, the more they will be willing to work with you.
  10. @HelpMepls - they can definitely refuse. It's up to you to negotiate a favorable settlement. How to do this? Just remain calm, and explain your needs.
  11. @HelpMepls Advice: No DV. Tell them you can't pay until February 5th. You can ask for it to be removed from your credit report, but don't hold out over this. Dismiss with prejudice. They will get nasty. Just hold firm.
  12. Call them and negotiate - don't let them pressure you by deadlines. You are panicking. Not a good place to be when negotiating. You probably can't ask for debt validation if it's been 30 days since they notified you and it will only piss them off. They probably won't take the offer back, they are a junk debt buyer and want to make a profit and you are a live fish. Even at $3K, they are making a profit. @Clydesmom is right, they'd much rather have you make payments - you have mpre power with a lump sum. @HelpMeplsRead this so you know what you are dealing with. http