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  1. Definitely not an email, you want to send them a written settlement offer. One that you send CMRR.
  2. @Ddjcplus4. Basically, they are saying over and over (I never knew there were so many ways to say that you didn't make your payments), if you fail to pay or default on this settlement agreement, they have the right to impose interest, penalties and lawyer's fees and directly go into a judgment without going into to court. If you like the settlement, I see nothing wrong with this stipulation agreement.
  3. It seems to me that it might not be a winning strategy if the amount of the lawsuit is truly $74K
  4. Probably not enough to hurt your chances of getting a mortgage. If you drop as much as 50 points, you're still in the very good range. But like the others suggested, play around with various scenarios on Credit Karma.
  5. @MhopefulSuing you on multiple debts in same suit. The ultimate in laziness.
  6. Did you request debt validation? Ask for any proof of the debt? Did you actually pay? Goodwill letter? Honestly, the amount of the debt is so small you may not have much leverage.
  7. I don't know the legal implications, but this seems highly irregular. I might consult with a legal firm. Doesn't sound very legal to me.
  8. @beerman109 Did they repo the car?
  9. @kcdawg 304Yes, I'd resend the letter.
  10. I'd say your next step is a debt validation letter and to pull your credit reports.
  11. You need to file a motion to compel.
  12. @HelpMeplsYes all that.
  13. @HelpMeplsThe law firm that sent you the letter.
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