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  1. I have a similar situation. I am in the process of purchasing a house and at the end of almost closing and some old debt appeared. They are out of SOL (I'm in CA) and last payment was made 2010. OC was chase and sold off to Midland. Midland took me to court for another account and I won that case so because of that there is something in their system shows I have an attorney representing me so they cannot speak to me in regards to any accounts unless I lift that order ( I represented myself). Lender said all they needed was to hear Chase say I didn't owe them anything and it was charged off but since they mentioned the collection agency now they need to speak to collection agency. Anyways I don't know what my step is. Lift that order (will that screw me up in any way) so they can verify the account with the lender? Will they somehow remove it from credit report since it's out of SOL? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Ok thank you! Makes me feel a little more comfortable. Have you been through this process?
  3. I actually represented myself in court. So that makes sense as to why they have it listed. Also will it mess me up in any way to lift the "attorney representation"? The only reason why I'm trying to contact them is to give them permission to verify accounts with my lender.
  4. Hello all! In need of help or suggestions. So I have a few bad debt from 5 years ago. I was taken to court 2 years ago for one by Midland and won the case. I am in the process of buying a house and two accounts in particular have come up. They mentioned all they needed to know was that there is a 0 balance owed to bank and account has been charged off. Well they received that information but because the bank also mentioned it was sold to collections agency now they want to talk to them to verify. We conferenced the collection agency in and they would not talk to me stating that there is a record showing I have an attorney representing me. Which I do not for these two accounts in question. Do they link all accounts together and maybe have a red flag under my name due to the other account we went to court for? They said the only way to speak to me is if I sent them a release lifting that order of an attorney representing me. I don't know if this will mess me up in the future since it is pass the SOL I don't want to open anything up with a written document. Also without that verification of the account the lenders cannot proceed. Can I have some inputs or suggestions? This is in the state of CA.
  5. Hello all in need of help or advice! I gave birth to my beautiful twins last year and knowing I would have a huge medical bill I called my insurance company in advance to find out coverage. I spoke to several agents and received different answers. Final agent I spoke with told me as long as my twins did not go into NICU they would just fall under my deductible and plan automatically. I was planning on adding them in an individual plan two weeks later so I didn't add them on mine since I was told I didn't need to for things done while in hospital. I paid out of pocket for first office visit to avoid adding them on my plan which would have disqualified them from individual plan of I did. Anyways 6 months later I receive two individual bills from the provider for each twin for care while in hospital. I called and tried to appeal it with insurance company and eventually they denied the claim stating my plan clearly states new borns have to be added to parents plan within 30 days of birth or they are not covered. I explained to them that I called in advance and spoke with several agents and received different answers etc. they did not care and still denied it. I called the provider to ask them to put it on hold while I tried to appeal it. They explained that they can put a note but it won't be guaranteed. Well I received a letter from the collection agency because now it is in collections. Any suggestions on how I should approach it?
  6. Just received my "Request for Dismissal" in the mail Dismissed with prejudice. Again, Thank you all for your help!
  7. Sorry I haven't checked this in a while but I also followed ASTMedics outline on the MIL. I see your court date has come and gone, how did evereything go?
  8. OK so the it was a 3 page paper titles Settlement Agreement and Release. It just states the case and Midland being the plaintiff alleging the defendant for account released by Chase etc. blah blah blah The parties mutually agree for the defendant to pay $0 to Midland etc. Dismissal of Action. Plaintiff shall dismiss the action with prejudice upon the execution of this agreement. Each party shall bear its own cost and fees. Then there is like 12 sections with things like "Release by Defendant, Release by Plaintiff, Release of Unknown claims, Denial of Liability, Assigns and Successors in Interest, Agreements fully read and understood, Applicable Law, Entire Agreement, Modification, Severability, Counterparts, Confidentiality, Mutual Drafting. Under all these categories was an explanations under each section. Which would make this post really ling if I typed it all out. Then it just had a section for signatures and dates. The rent-a-lawyer just told the judge we reached a settlement but the contract needed to be signed by both parties and since a Midland employee was not present the agreement would have to be filed at a later date. The judge set a compliance date for two months out and said neither parties had to show up and the Plaintiff is responsible for filing the dismissal by April 30th. So hopefully this meant I'm done with those Bastards! LOL p.s. Thank you all for your help and inputs I couldn't have done this without you all! I really appreciate you all!
  9. It states each each party should bare their own fees. Which I'm fine with. I don't want to push my luck. Lol
  10. I think it was 2-3 pages and yes I wrote in $0.00 on both pages
  11. Yes it's pretty long it pretty much was pre printed with blanks on date and amount I will post it later when I'm on computer
  12. Ok so the rent a lawyer came back and said they agreed to $0 settlement had me sign a settlement offer letter w dismissal and she said she couldn't sign it cause she's not a midland employee so the judge set a compliance date for Apr 30 for them to file the dismissal. I have a copy if it. Hopefully I did the right thing. Inputs please
  13. I'm at court. A rent a lawyer took me out to ask what I am willing to settle for I said zero. She is now going to call Mudland to see what they say. I have no opening/ closing statement prepared help!
  14. I sure hope the same happens for me where I won't have to go in to trial.. I doubt I'll get that lucky! Lol I filed my MIL and TB Monday. I checked this morning and it was just all scanned in so idk if plaintiff has received it. I forgot to answer your other post in regards to the subpoena but the process server attempted 3x total once was on pres day do they were closed but the other 2x no success so it was left with receptionist and noted on their report.
  15. Thank you! Ok Trial is in 2 days for me.. Yikes! What should I expect? How should I prepare? Everything is submitted and filed but I am really nervous about being in that courtroom. Will I need to prepare an opening/closing statement? If so, does someone have an example somewhere? Can someone share their experience inside that courtroom with me? This will definitely ease me mind a bit
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