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  1. Was wondering if anyone has suceesfully used the Delaware Choice of Law provision to invoke the 3 year SOL as opposed to the California 4 years SOL. I have an alleged debt and it is about 8 months out of the 4 year SOL. I am expecting the CA to file suit any day now and have been reading up on possible strategies.
  2. Where can I find out if the agreement states a choice of law provison of Delaware.
  3. If the JDB believes that they have properly validated and starts up collection activty could this possibly be potential violation on their part if it turns out the the original validation was not proper?
  4. I have confirmed that this was sold by the OC in 2009. The validation I received was an exact wording of which I have seen from many other posters on this site who are in alleged collections with this CA. Basically a form letter thanking me for my request. it goes on to state the date and time this was purchased and that the previous creditor informed them the the account was associated with my name and social security number.
  5. This has been sold as the OC is reporting as a charge -off with a zero balance. Since the CA has sent what they believe to be proper validation I can assume that they will start calling me again. Should I just ignore the calls or should I ask them to cease communications with me?
  6. I have been contacted by a CA over an alleged credit card debt of $15,000.00 + this is now the third CA that has contacted me over this alleged debt. I requested validation and received a generic reply listing the date they purchased the debt, the OC's name Etc. This will be past the SOL in just under a year. At this point should I just wait it out and ignore any contact by the CA in hopes that the SOL will pass before a suit is filed. Based on the amount I am assumiming that the CA will file suit, but was wondering if anyone out there with a similar situation has had the SOL pass and not be sued.
  7. What type of things would they look for that might make them decide to sue?
  8. I was actually at my computer preparing a basic DV letter to be mailed CMRRR when my phone rings. As it was the local prefix for my area code I answered the call and low and behold it was the CA that I was about to send the DV letter to. I asked for the persons name and ID number which was provided. The Rep.started to ask about an alleged debt when I stopped him and stated I was unaware of any debt and that I am requesting validation of this alleged debt. The Rep. stated that they would mail out validation within the week. This morning I received an email alert stating that the same CA had placed an inquiry on my credit report. This was done after the call where i requested validation. Any idea on why the CA made the inquiry?
  9. The alleged original creditor has charged this off with an account balance of $0.00. As I am just starting my journey on this board I may have used the wrong term to describe the present claimed owner of the alleged debt. I am not sure if they are considered a collection agency but they are mentioned frequently on this site and others.
  10. Just to clarify, the JDB already has my address as I received a dunning letter at my residence.
  11. I will try and be as detailed as possible. I have been contacted by a JDB regarding an alleged credit card debt. From my estimation this has been through at least two collection agencies before the JDB took on the account. The alleged debt is between 10- to 15K. The SOL is about a year out. My question is should I DV the JDB or just lie low in hopes of the SOL passing before they file suit. I would also like to work on cleaning up some issues on my credit report unrelated to the collection attempts by the JDB but wanted some advice on if this activity to clean up my credit report would in any way cause the JDB to increase the likelyhood of filing suit.
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