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  1. I actually thought It was taken care of. I tried to contact the Gap company and could not get a response to my policy. The person at Santander told me they would take care of it. I still have the fax sheet where I faxed it to them. I just hope we are not screwed on this. It is over $6000.
  2. @Clydesmom Wonder why they didn't tell us that we would have to file the claim with the Gap policy? They had me fax the policy to them right after the accident and then ceased to contact us for months. We assumed it was taken care of.
  3. I refinanced a vehicle in 2006 with Citifinancial and purchased a Gap policy. The company sold my note to Santander. I wrecked the vehicle in November of 2011. I filed a claim with my insurance and also let Santander know I had totalled my vehicle. I argued with them the fact I had a Gap policy and then faxed the copy to them. They never let me know that they did not file on the claim (or did they). Now, 2 1/2 years later they have turned it over to a collection agency, Management Services Incorporated. I faxed them my contract with Citifinancial along with my Gap policy. They have not called us for two weeks and now a different agent called my husband last night and harrassed him. Do I need to hire a lawyer? What can I do to stop this harrassment? And can we beat it? When I told the first lady with the collection agency that we had a Gap policy she sent me a packet in the mail showing all of my information about my account and all of my payments made. She stated, " here is proof that this is your policy and you are liable". I told her that I knew it was my policy. That is not what I was trying to tell her. We had a Gap that should have paid for this! I appreciate any guidance I can receive from anyone.
  4. Thanks Jimmy! I appreciate everyone's help in this. It was a lot of hard work and I had to study, study, study, but well worth it. I received a lot of help from some very experienced people.
  5. I agree Jimmy! I don't know much about what happened. I only know what others have told me. So, I actually don't know the whole story. I hope the moderators don't take this wrong, but I feel as though the ban should be lifted. He has been such a great help to so many people on here. He is very knowledgeable and most of us could not get through this time with-out him. I truly believe that all he has done for the good should out-weigh what the moderators disagree with.
  6. I agree! He helped me a lot in March. I have really learned a lot from his threads. I have studied some of them to prepare in case I have to go to court. I don't know if I can be as confident as he is though. I truly don't know what I would have done to prove my case if I hadn't found this site.
  7. I really see your point Jimmy E. Thanks for everyones input. This is all still very confusing to me. Learning as I go.
  8. @Lincoln Lark Thank you. That is exactly what I will do. I will accept any advice I cant get!
  9. Thanks so much Jimmy! That all sounds logical to me!
  10. Thank you! Trying to decide when to send it all. I just sent my response to his request for admissions and got the signature card back on Saturday. Trying to determine how to time it all out. I really appreciate all advice!
  11. I really appreciate that info Shellieh98! What would you suggest I ask for in my "Request for Documents". Preparing that request to send out sometime this week. I really appreciate any advice I can get!!
  12. Joyce, go to the top of this page and click on "forums" tab. Then scroll down and click on "Is there a Lawyer in the House". Then scroll down a little and on the right it has something like "start a new topic". See if that helps you.
  13. I have some new details in my case. I sent the Attorney my "Response to Plaintiff's Request for Admissions" . In return he sent me numerous copies of CC statements. I was preparing to send him my "Request for Production of Documents". So, I now know that is something I do not need to include in my request. Any suggestions from anyone? Thanks for your help!
  14. That seems logical for #5! Thanks! I am wonding if #'s 5 & 6 are meant to confuse me? Kinda strange.
  15. I don't find anything like that. The only thing that is different than what I originally posted is the first paragraph: Plaintiff requests that said Defendant within thirty (30) days after service of this Request to make the following Admissions for the purpose of this action only and subject to all pertinent objections and admissibility which may be interposed at the trial. Said Plaintiff(s) reserves the right to proceed under Arkansas Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 36; regarding those Requests for Admissions that should be denied by the Defendent(s). Thanks for you help!!
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