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  1. In 2013 I was sued by Cavalry from an HSBC card I had no idea about from 2008. Only reason I even found out was I got junk mail from an attorney saying we noticed you where being sued here is our info if you need help. I was crazy confused. The week before DH left for a year long deployment the day he left, that night my father died. Basket case I was and had never had any legal issues before. I did hire an attorney and the case was dismissed with prejudice also stating a release on all liability for account. OK well I was ok with this but not understanding it completely however I had other issues to deal with. Two of the CRA had been reporting this HSBC account as in collections with a trade line (just found out what that meant) also stating as derogatory charge off. I contacted Cavalry who gave me a date of April 2013 when it reported to them the status and deleteion of account. However just this past month when I disputed with the one CRA the tradeline was gone. However I have proof that HSBC reported on it for three years. My question is what in the world is the point of this judgment if it still reports and charge off collections and negative? Seems like I would have rather taken my chances proving my case to get it off my report but silly me assumed that the whole point of that was to clear it up. So basicaly all for nothing but the chance of not being sued again and that was not exactly my concern well yes it was but more so having it not negative on my CRA . Thoughts?
  2. In March of 2013 I had received a letter from Midland MCM for an alleged debt. I in turn sent a certified debt validation letter to said company. A few days later I got a letter back from MCM stating that based on the information they would remove all MCM activity from all three major credit reporting agencies. Also they Never provided any debt validation. I looked at my report and they looked at my report in December of 2013 for "collection" reasons. I am wondering how they can still do that after the letter they sent me and also not giving me debt validation as well per the 30 days on my letter. I assumed after they stated they would no longer be reporting on my credit , why are they still hard hitting it?
  3. Yeah just email it to me when Cavalry signs it so I can have a copy.
  4. Yes I retained Mr. Barnette for my Calvary case (that came from know where without warning) I did not have a clue I was going to be sued . I never even got served the papers because a lawyer in TN had sent me a letter saying my name was on public record to be sued and they could help. So I called the county clerk that Monday and sure enough I was. I just signed the agreement to dismiss yesterday with them. Meanwhile I got a letter last week from Midland with settlement offers, I am not real sure what they are even trying to collect from me yet. I sent them a certified debt validation letter.But maybe we should strike first? And now Northland is calling me, I called them back and gave them Mr. Barnette's number.I suppose they shark after you once one does. I know the alleged debt was 2005 or 2006,7 on my credit report. I feel like pulling my hair out.
  5. Yeah that's a good one, however I have read these people can get down to business and make you fight back pretty hard. I have read a few threads , well many about them and its a gamble in mo. I think everything is subject on who Midland chooses in said state/county to represent them. All I can say is when one comes they all come. So with that the alleged debts I have I will be in court or sending letters for a bit. I noticed on my report a collections from DS waters in CA. They gave my alleged account to a collections after I had enough of their shady billing practice, changing the fee every month ect.. and told them to come and get the water cooler and jugs I am done. And they did come and get them. Then they still wanted money so I did a BBB on them. we settled that, however the guy I had been talking to still wanted like 100.00 from me. I said NO. Then since I did not pay it they charged me for the water cooler system 300.00 plus another 100.00. There is no way I am paying for something I gave back to them. And now Northland is calling me every day. I have no idea what they want as I do not answer. I looked at my credit and they have inquired on it 3-4 times in 2012 and they are not listed as a collection on my report, well Experion is all I could get with my free one. I did get Equifax but forgot to write the number down and had no printer.I just needed to look at it. Also on the letter of settlement from Midland it said they have a license in TN on the back. We shall see. Now since my letter stated not to contact me in any other way aside from US mail if they will see it as a c&d and not even send the requested validation info. I am going to call around in TN and see what I can find out.
  6. I can sleep better now and thanks for this web site I would have been lost without it.
  7. Thank you Mr.Barnette for helping me with my case! R
  8. UPDATE--- The matter has been dismissed w/ prejudice. (happy dance) now on to Midland.
  9. Like the sample validation letter in the link you sent me.
  10. I sent Midland a debt verification letter today certified mail..crossing fingers I never hear back.
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