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  1. We paid our state taxes in plenty of time to avoid a lien but got notice of a lien anyway. I went down to the tax office and discovered they received our check, but applied the funds to the wrong account. They moved the money to the correct account and expunged the lien. Tax office worker assured me it would not report to bureaus. A month later it showed up on our CR. I have paperwork showing expunged. How would you go about disputing this? Regular dispute or send them the paperwork showing expunged? I'm afraid if I send paperwork they will change status of account but not delete it. It should never have been reported in the first place. Thanks!
  2. Tried from annualcreditreport.com and I can't see the report at all. Tried from some other 3 bureau site (cant recall the name) and got 2 of them and a "no data to report" from TU. Signed up with lexington law (because I'm too busy and lazy for DIY) and they say his TU report is clean except for 1 inquiry. I call bullsnot! I had him call TU and they were supposedly putting his report in the mail to him. It's been almost 3 weeks and no report......
  3. I'm suspicious that something fishy is going on with my husband's Transunion report. When we try to pull a 3 bureau report (from several sites) we get a message that theres no data in his TR report. When Lexington Law pulls it they tell me he has a blank report except for 1 inquiry. He has years of data on the other 2 bureaus. I'm wondering what could cause this, and what do we do about it? Thanks in advance...
  4. Thanks for the replies. The BK was discharged in 2005. My hope is that next year I can dispute it off my husbands credit report and refi the mortgage away from GreenTree. The July payment is made and they still sent us a loan modification package in the mail wanting us to fill it out to see if we qualified for help. I threw it in the trash. We don't need help. I guess I just need to get it in my head that there's no grace period with them and to make sure it's paid before the 1st. Thanks again!
  5. Thats me! OC? In English please. Its been a really long time. Lol!
  6. Havent been on the forums in a long time. Thanks for helping. My husband filed bankruptcy in 2004. At the time we had a mortgage through Bank of America. We kept the house and have steady made the payments. We never had a problem until 2 months ago. BofA suddenly sold our mortgage to GreenTree Servicing. GreenTree calls us the second we are 1 day late and they call 4 or 5 times a day. They keep asking us if "we intend to keep the house" since we are in bankruptcy (again, bankruptcy was in 2004). All of a sudden I'm scared to death. It's almost like they WANT to foreclose on us. BofA never harassed us like these people are. Does anybody have any dealings with them? We never reaffirmed the mortgage after the bankruptcy. Should we do that? What are our rights at this point? Thanks in advance....