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  1. lol. My loan was written around 2001. I did a fair amount of research and pretty sure my loan does have an SOL of 4 years.
  2. I don't have the money for the full amount. I was hoping to reach a settlement for less than the full amount if I go that direction.
  3. I totally agree. But should I settle? I've been back and forth with it in my mind but right now I'm leaning towards yes just so I can be done with it. I know 1 year isn't that far away but then again it's 365 days to file lawsuit and I realy don't want a lein placed on my newly purchased home.
  4. In the past couple of weeks I was left a couple voicemails from a CA saying I have until the end of the month to call them for a settlement on a Private Student Loan I defaulted on back in 2010 or the offer was OFF the table. This is the second or third different CA thats contacted me about this same debt but this one definitely seems pushier than the rest. I have not yet called them back but did receive two different dunning letters from them about a week after the initial voicemail was left. Despite having this debt charged off back in 2010 I was able to purchase a house in January of this