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  1. This is certainly the best site I've ever found. Everyone here is so kind and helpful. I'm learning so much. I am busy reading everything you guys have provided me. I'll be back next week. Thank you all so much.
  2. This site was recommended by someone who was helped with foreclosure issues. I'm going to see if they can help with my BK7 consideration. This is NOT a debt consolidation site. Good luck to all of us!
  3. Sorry, I screwed up. The CA is SRA ASSOC. Anyone ever dealt with them? I've seen some flack about them.
  4. Thanks a million for this, I'll check it out immediately.
  5. Very interesting; I checked your 3 posts, do you mean setting up a trust and moving my income into it? How easy would it be to access my money for bills and stuff? Would a trust acct accept Direct Deposit as my paycheck is done now in my bank acct?
  6. It's called common law marriage and is not recognized in California. You can register as "domestic partner" but it does not give you the full array of rights a marriage does. No, we only dated, never lived together. He did ask me to marry him at one point, but after the trouble with the car started, it all fell apart. Glad it did:P
  7. That's a good point, however, he's an ex boyfriend, not husband so that doesn't apply. Frankly, as I'll state in my new thread, I've sent all the documentation to 3 different attys and they all turned down handling the case. I'm frankly afraid they'll sue and levy my bank and or wages. I want to see if I can sue them over the way they signed us up on the lease. I'll explain it more later.
  8. Here are some links to help you. How much do you owe? Do you have gov loans as well? Your best bet is to take care of this ASAP. Interest is still collecting and is only making it worse. They can lien your house and levy your bank.
  9. I may go this Prepaid Visa Reloadable card and close my checking account. Anyone every used one of these? It can't be levied. My paycheck can be direct deposited on it.
  10. Thank you so much, guys. I love it. BTW, is your plane available??? Hahhaa! I'm packed and ready. The problem is, even if I quit my job and go on SS, they can attached the bank account. God I hate this. My ex's house is in foreclosure and the auction is 4/5. I hope the b**stard rots in the street. I may Small Claims him anyway just to screw him over.
  11. Wow! Thanks for that link. I'll be all weekend reading it. I may start with the levy part first. Ugh!
  12. I just found these reviews of Sill & a$$. Y Reviews for Sill & Associates LLCNote: The reviews below are not factored into the business's overall star rating. Erica J. Merced, CA 8/17/2012 Be careful, they are more interested in your payment to them than in helping you with your finances. 0 friends 1 review J. l. D. Foresthill, CA 1/9/2012 Amazing company. I went in with $48,000.00 in credit card debt and paying $800.00 per month in payments. That was a year ago. Now, I am out of debt and saving $800.00 per month. The process was easy and very personal. Bei
  13. This is an excellent reply, Flyer. I love it. Very to the point. I will do so this weekend while not at work. It's tough not knowing which way these thugs will jump. I think at this point I'll go for 2 more months; if they're going to sue, they should do so before then. Citibank went after me after I fought them on tripling my monthly payments because I missed one. I stopped paying them and I honestly can't remember if they went through a CA or not, but I got sued in a couple of months. Instead of going the long JDB route, they may just sue right away. Thank you very much
  14. That's very true, however, at this point it hasn't been sold to a JDB yet. So waiting them out won't work. I'll just have to wait for their next move.
  15. You're doing great. Get proof from your ins co that they covered the total bill and send it to the CRA and demand it be removed.
  16. Did you notice the date of the LVNV notice on your CR? Have you ever had any prior communication with them? Do they own the debt or are they acting on behalf of the original creditor? Do you remember ever having this debt? It almost sounds as if you've triggered a collection action by sending the DV before first contact by them.
  17. Thanks for clarifying that. It does make sense the way you put it. They could set one up and demand more. At any rate, I'll continue to pay a little more until the next move. I don't see how ignoring them to force a settlement would help me as I could never save enough in a year or so to even give half. And I can't borrow any as the ex has ruined my credit with late payments and the repo. I'm screwed every where.
  18. There is a new trend now that when someone meets a person they would like to date, they ask for their CR before getting involved. Guess they're afraid they'll end up with the lover's bad debts. I know Apt Mgrs will pull reports to check your debt background. This is very unfair because it cannot show what the actual problems are and why you ended up with a poor score in the first place. In my case, (see Huyndai Horror)I signed a lease for my ex-BF and his business partner and they were very late many times with the car payements, plus my ex got 4 DUI's and got the car repo'd. All that's on
  19. Here is an excellent website where you can do your own Means Test to see if you can qualify for Chapter 7 BK.
  20. Being new here, I'm just starting to explore BK info but the links listed here are dead. Anyway to get repostings of new links?
  21. Thanks for the clarification. Previously in my posts, I stated that I started sending them $100 payments which they have accepted without resistance, clarification or demands for more. No payment plan has been offered by them.
  22. I agree with you on this. The trouble here with conflicting DV advice is that really, no one can accurately predict what the CA's next move will be. And yes, they all have fairly predictable patterns but it depends on the amount of debt and previous efforts by the OC to collect. Always leave a paper trail and contact a pro-bono consumer rights atty ASAP. It seems the further down the line a debt goes, the sooner these thugs will trip themselves up.