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  1. Could I use the Motion to dismiss judgement as a release of judgement?
  2. Sorry it's been a while since I replied but we have been busy. Here is what we have. We called the attorney office and they no longer have that file in their system told us to call FIA. SO we call FIA and they said there is nothing they can do because they no longer have the file in THEIR system. The attorney's that filed the judgement advised us to file a release of judgement with the court. Anybody ever done this? THIS IS THE LAST THING ON HIS CREDIT REPORT! WE are ready to get it off. Do you have a template or sample that I can use? Thank you
  3. I'm fighting to get 3 off my husbands report that is 4 years old SOL is 3. CB will not take them off. I have disputed so much already! Even the fact that are past the SOL. But still on there.
  4. How can they report something new (KD) after reporting ND for 3 years?
  5. An update. I called the court house where the judgement is held. The court house does not have the attorney that is listed on the judgement as practicing law anymore. However the firm is still practcing. So I send a certified letter to the firm requesting the submit satisfied order to the court. No response!! So I am devising a letter to CB with all information I have as paying and no response from Creditor etc to see if they can take it off. Do you think that is a good route or should I file to have it removed with the court house?
  6. I pulled my husband's Experian credit report and it showed a Key Derogatroy (KD) on Janurary & February of this year on a charge off that is over 4 years. Previosly listed as No Data (ND). What do you suggest I do? I will be disputing this but I am hoping to get it off his report but how do I go about it? I have already disbuted the SOL and tried disptuing with orignial creditor. Any other ideas?
  7. Yes I have tried disputing but not with the lastest information. Should I send that info to the CB?
  8. An updated (supposedly) credit report was sent to my OLD address. I would not have normally received it if a friend does not live at our old home. They have our new address on the report but was sent to the old address. I'm sure this is a tactic because I requested they remove that address from my report, but has anybody ever had that happen to you?
  9. Good to know! I do believe I'll be doing the same thing! Can you post a sample copy of the letter you sent to give me a start? THanks
  10. Let me give you some history....back in 2008 my husband got served a judgement against him from an attorney's office representing FIA Card Services. At the time he had signed up with a credit service that he thought would handle this judgement. They advised him to sign it and they would settle with them. So he signed a consent judgement. The company made an agreement to pay this attorney 400.00 a month until it was paid. Well the following year he received a 1099c from FIA card services and thinking that this judgement was through he cancelled the services with this company. Fast forward to 20
  11. Mine came back as changed but when looking into it I didn't see any changes? What do you do when that happens?
  12. BOA was listed on my husband's credit report as being a negative account. I am finding out more and more information that my husband did receive as I go through paper work. He did get a 1099c in 2010 and he filed in on his taxes for the BOA account.
  13. Yes I am using the 623 method. I sent out another round of letters request an investigation of the BOA account on the report the first week of April. I haven't received anything except the green cards. The next step is to threaten a lawsuit? Has anybody succeeded in having the file removed through the 623 method?
  14. So I disputed and requested verification from Bank of America accounts over 30 days ago. These accounts the CBs stated the information was verified. Bank of American NEVER responded to my initial letters for verification of these accounts. I sent another letter stating it is past the 30 days and they still have not verified these accounts. What next? If they do not responde to these letters should I send copies of all the letters sent to the Credit Bureus and ask they have it removed? OR Ask how did they verify the information when BANK of AMERICA will not even respond to me? Thanks