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  1. I emailed some EA's yesterday and haven't heard back. In the meantime I'm curious; what could an EA do that I couldn't do on my own?
  2. Okay, thanks. That is too bad the tax board is so costly for individuals to deal with.
  3. EA = enrolled agent? Okay, thank you for the suggestions.
  4. @admin, Wow, that's a great letter, thank you very much. I'll need to get a credit report to see if theyve made a report, and will add more violations to the list.
  5. I called the California tax board today and their estimated hold time was 92 to 132 minutes. I've gone that route before and when they finally answered, they hung up. As they answer less than 50 percent of the calls, including their hang up calls, it is practically impossible to reach them by phone. I checked their filing requirements again, and have been below their filing requirements for the years in question. My only option appears to be to write them more letters and send them CMRRR. I will prepare another one this weekend and send it on Monday. So far with all the letters I've sent, they've not responded to one of them. Hopefully the CMRRR will get a more positive response and outcome. Any additional ideas or suggestions are much appreciated.
  6. @admin, That's a very good question. That is what I want to do, but I don't feel knowledgeable enough about the wording and process to do it yet at this point. I want to keep learning though and then do exactly that, which is why I want to morph my letters to that process.
  7. @BTO429, The officious intermeddler doctrine fits exactly, except my only benefit is getting harassed by Verizon, so it's not really a benefit. It's more like my house is a natural color, and Verizon comes along and paints it pink with green spots while I'm at the grocery, which I don't like at all, and then they want to charge me for doing it. I've decided, since I've never made an agreement with either Verizon or the new c.a. regarding their allegations, that both of them are collection agencies. Thus I will deal with them both as collection agencies. With this in mind I'm going to send them discovery types of letters, or at least discovery type of language in my letters, to prepare and get me used to sending them official discovery letters later on, plus building my history of having tried to resolve this with them, and on the off chance they will stop doing things that I haven't agreed to and don't want them to do.
  8. Trying to deal with c.a's, especially when they are dealing in the capacity of thieves, can be extremely stressful. The greater the stress, the greater the tendency for adversion, and not doing anything. The issue becomes how to deal with the muck without getting the stuff all over us and getting bogged down in the mire. An answer to this is to look at the situation differently, as a opportunity to learn something new. With this in mind, here are a few things I've found that are good for me to keep in mind personally: ~ see problems as challenges; ~ don't hold grudges; ~ make the most of my opportunities; ~ dream big; ~ don't sweat the small stuff (and deal with it right away); ~ don't make excuses (but deal with them right away); ~ do get absorbed in the present; ~ avoid social comparison (with those at the peak of success); ~ be efficient with my sleep and my time; ~ take the time to listen and observe; ~ nurture social contacts and relationships; ~ be patient and calm; ~ eat healthy; ~ exercise; ~ embrace simplicity ~ focus on what I can do, enjoy what I do, and change it for the better.
  9. @admin, Thanks for clarifying. If that's the case, is there anything I can do with an o.c. other than suing them? Revisiting the mb&w letter, they say they're "a company devoted to collections", which doesn't really clarify what they are.
  10. It's Verizon the phone company, but the new c.a. said to make a check out to Verizon (phone company). If the c.a. is working for Verizon, does that mean the c.a. is also o.c? If so, then a C&D won't work, as you pointed out. I will get one ready anyway, post it here first and then send it.
  11. That's very interesting, scary, and helps me realize that I need to do this right away. There is a minimum in California even with a business license where no form needs to be filed, but they certainly don't play by the rules, even their own. When I talked with them before they never told me that I had to file, probably because they prefer to keep hassling me. I read that California collects more than 2 billion in taxes every year from people who don't owe it, and for this very same reason. Thanks for responding.
  12. I'm very sorry that happened to you. Were you writing to them before they took out your money? That's what I'm concerned about is them stealing from me with no warning. I don't owe them any taxes, at all, so there is nothing to pay them or file, other than filing a zero return, but they won't even answer me to say what I can do. The last few years when I've called them, they just keep me on hold for an hour and then they hang up, so all I can do is to write to them. Thanks much for your feedback. I'll try to call again and find out about the zero returns.
  13. @admin, Thanks for your response. I already sent a cease & desist to Verizon, but how can they be the OC, as I never agreed to this account with them or with anyone? The new collection agency said to make out a check to Verizon, so isn't the new c.a. still Verizon? I'll prepare another cease & desist, am going to answer their claims, and then post it here before sending.
  14. I have not had a filing requirement for several years as I'm retired, and my income has been below the minimum requirement for filing. According to the California state tax board, due to my having a business license that is not being used, they take an average of people making a high income, and then they apply that to me. Based on that erroneous information, they've been sending bills to me for several years. In response, I have called and written to them numerous times, telling them the information is not mine and asking them to stop charging me for taxes I don't owe. At first they corrected the information when I contacted them, but the last few years they have been ignoring my letters, not even responding to them, and then sending more bills. Currently they are saying that I owe them $18,000, all of it based on income from other people, not from me. The last letters that I sent to them were March 11, 2012 and February 3, 2013, and I'm planning to send them another one this week CMRRR. If it will help to post the last letter that I sent, let me know and I'll post it. I'm very concerned, nervous and worried about this, and appreciate all ideas and suggestions.