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  1. @willingtocope Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me with this.
  2. @willingtocope Thank you so much for your advice. I went ahead and called to pay but they don't process payments over the phone. I figured they didn't since they seem to be primarily electronic. I followed her instructions to pay through my ebay account and printed out documentation that it had been done. Now that everything is settled with eBay - should I do any type of follow up with the collection agency? I figure they are going to still think I owe them and may even throw this on my credit report. Should I write them a debt validation letter now? If they attempt to validate it should say that the account is paid and in good standing and that should end it right there right? Talk about hard lesson learned, I don't want to have to do all of this again - Ha.
  3. Hello All I am seeking advice on the best way to handle this. I just received a letter from a collection agency that eBay has submitted my account to them for some unpaid seller fees. Long story short - I let time slip past me. I meant to address this and I put other things in priority and now I'm scrambling. This is my fault. I am on the road to rebuilding, my score is growing leaps and bounds and this collection is going to hurt. I haven't received notification from Credit Karma or Sesame that the account has been added to my report. I don't know about equifax, they may only report to equifax. It was one of those "first communication" letters that said I had 30 days to validate yada-yada. I want to pay this before it hits my report. My first question - am I too late? Second question - if I pay eBay *today* and keep my documentation, if this does hit my credit report can I attempt to dispute it with this as proof that it is settled? Or am I going to be too late? I don't know about contacting the collection agency about this - since I know they may tell me that if I pay they won't report it and all will be well, but I have no way of keeping them accountable on that. I can pay this now to avoid it hitting my CR. If it is too late then I will wait a bit for my budget to handle it a little better since the damage will be done. I just need to find out if this is salvagable. Ugh. I can't believe I let it get to this point. Thank you for the insight!
  4. Congratulations! It is liberating getting out of default status. I myself had to do a rehab payment plan so I could go back to school. Big grats on paying off your loans!
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