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  1. That was my basic question. But they did file their motion to dismiss with the court, it was a copy to me. I'm thinking they would just say we didn't answer because we want to dismiss. But then again, it's still ongoing. They could have responded, denied everything and still filed to dismiss. I have to remember to be delighted to just see them drop it and not go looking for more trouble.
  2. Received in mail today that the plantiff wants to dismiss without prejudice. I'm guessing at this point I don't need to do anything else? Here i was all prepared to get those admissions admitted and motion for dismissal with prejudice. response to my inquiries of interrogatories, admissions, or production of documents I sent them. They had til April 10th. Is receiving their letter wanting to dismiss a substitute for this? Can this be used in the future if they decide to do this again? I'm guessing they had nothing but decided to send all that discovery at me, intimidate me,
  3. This started out as one debt buyer suing me. In 2012 or so, another debt buyer bought them out and is now the plaintiff. Early 2010: I get collection letter from their attorney for an old (not old enough) CC account for a little over 2000. I asked for validation. They sent a generic CC agreement for a store credit card (not even remotely what it was). The only thing stated correctly was the account number. And that it was opened in 2008. (Actually it was closed then). I then sent another letter asking for more evidence of proof of debt and amount. No response. March 2010. They