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  1. sorry, it's without prejudice... I was so I excited I didn't check myself. I updated it.
  2. My mail came today with GREAT news!! Case is being dismissed without prejudice. Funny thing, I called the court to see if they still have me on the calendar and they do. The very nice clerk highly recommended me to show up anyway... I know they can still come back but this is the best news of my day!!
  3. It is the exact amt of court filing cost. The amt hasn't changed from the OC since 2009. He also gave me a copy of my "last statement" which shows the $1500.
  4. Hi all! Thanks for all the great information. I have studied this site for hours and hours and hours and now feel that I can take on JDB Midland. I was served by my local sheriff in Feb for a debt from 2007. No info was attached to the claim. I answered and was given a date for pre-trial. Also, when I mailed a copy to their lawyer, I included a DV. I showed up to the pre-trial and was seated with Midland attny. He showed me a piece of paper and said "So, we are here today to set up payment arrangement for you". I said I wasn't signing anything -- "I don't know who Midland is??" He gave me a copy of the bill of sale. It consisted of a bunch of legal terms and lots of black outs. I said this doesn't have my name on it nor OC and it shows the sale was between Equable and Midland. He didn't say another word to me. He fetched the judge and said she wants mediation. (we were told before going in that if we were not able to settle then the next step would be mediation) Last week I finally received their validation letter. It shows the OC, the account number, the date the account was opened and the last payment (July 2008). However, it shows a different amt than the original claim. ex. original suit for $1500 and now the balance is $1600. It does not say they have added any court cost. They also say they will accept a lump settlement and once received they will notify their client and mark the account settled. My question--isn't it a violation to add court cost before they are awarded judgement? and if so, how can I use that to my advantage? I plan on taking this all the way if necessary but it would be great to nip it in the bud. I also received a notice from the court that mediation is next week. Thanks
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