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  1. Why would he do this? The trial date already passed. Plaintiff requested it and my husband wants it. Have you ever heard of such a thing? PS does this mean he should file the MIL and Trial Brief?
  2. Yes I submitted the memo of costs and judgement of dismissal. But I waited more than 20 days after sending it to the plaintiff. I'm confused now. Does this mean the judge denied my judgement of dismissal or plaintiffs request for dismissal with prejudice? I have not received anything in the mail so I don't know the reasoning.
  3. Could this be some type of repercussion for filing Memo of Costs???
  4. What is the law? Plaintiff asks for dismissal with prejudice. Judge denies dismissal. WTF?!
  5. What the heck does this mean? We filed our Memorandum of Costs and Order for reimbursement. And this is what is posted. What does this mean? 07/12/2013 8:30 AM DEPT. R8 OSC RE: STATUS OF DEFAULT JUDGMENT PURSUANT TO CRC 3.740 VACATED 06/07/2013 IMAGING NOTICE SCANNED Not Applicable 06/07/2013 JUDGMENT OF DISMISSAL IS RETURNED BY COURT FOR THE FOLLOWING REASON(S): DENIED PER JUDGE OCHOA. Not Applicable N 05/30/2013 MEMO OF COSTS FILED BY Xxx, FOR 942.00.
  6. I went on 5/31 and submitted the Memorandum of Costs and the clerks again tried to refuse it. I showed them the rules and they took it. They also too the judgment I typed up. They said they could not stamp either and they had to go to the judge. So I'm sitting in limbo.
  7. Hi Seadragon. I like all that stuff at the end because its so true. But I agree with you about taking that out. I have not been in the loop about a recent appeals case in our favor. What's that about?
  8. Wow! Congratulations. This forum is a blessing to so many people. The other day I saw a sad woman at the courthouse looking at a file. I asked her if she had been sued by a junk debt buyer. She said yes. She said that they served her at an address she hasn't lived at for five years. So she never responded and they got a judgement against her. She was trying to fight the judgement. I told her about this forum. I hope she comes here. The people here are so generous with their time. Thanks to everyone for doing what you do!
  9. They responded to my Memorandum of Costs yesterday. Did not mention having received it but were writing to inform my husband that they are removing the negative reports to the credit bureaus. Interesting they "validated" my dispute THREE TIMES!!! So I'll keep my eye out to see if they try to tax it and then on the 20th day go see the clerk.
  10. So a clerk can issue a judgement without even involving the judge? Sounds easier than I thought. I have to wait the 20 days though right?
  11. Obviously my clerk doesn't know the rules!!! I will wait the 20 days and go file the judgment form Calawyer posted. When you see the clerk do you just go into the courthouse and hand it to the clerk in the same department as the case was held? Is that what you mean by "nudge"? I'm going to do the same. Hmmphh!!! (crosses arms) @Rivertime
  12. Does it cost anything to file the Trial Brief and MIL? If not, I would file it anyway and send it to them.
  13. I just got this email from the clerk's office. I turned in the "Memorandum of Costs" and this is what I got: PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. Your TurboCourt Form Set #827488 has been rejected at San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga District. Clerk's Message: THIS CASE WAS DISMISSED ON 4/29/13. IF YOU WANT COSTS, YOU NEED TO SUBMIT AN ORDER FOR THE JUDGE'S SIGNATURE. @calawyer @Rivertime does this mean I don't have to submit the "Memorandum of Costs" but rather that other judgement form??? I mailed the Memorandum of Costs to Plaintiff last Friday.