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  1. really! If i want to try Pay for Delete, do I contact the original creditor or the collection agency? If it is the OC and the PFD is successfull, does the collection people have to remove their collection?
  2. I have a bank of america (bofa) and a Us bank card in collections for over 4 years on my credit report. BofA i owe 16,000 and US bank 10,000 Both of these are no longer with the original creditor, but rather in collections. Would it help my credit if i started to make 200-300 payments to each? The collections update it as a collection monthly. thanks in advance.
  3. I am going to try both methods. I will update as it developes, thank you.
  4. On the nordstrom account it shows this exactly on my credit report "NORDSTROM FSB 04/13 07/07 06/07 1000 REV 09 70 1 1 2 B #8222547227 CHARGE ACCOUNT 999999999999 PO BOX 6555 XPN 01 (EFX,TRU) 999999999999 ENGLEWOOD CO 80155 CHARGE OFF DISP RPTD RSLVD−CONSUMER DISAGREES 03/13 9 02/13 9 (800) 964−1800 LEGALLY PD IN FULL FOR < BALANCE " DS waters collection is on my credit report- it is last reported on 5/09. everyother collection shows the collection last reported as of last month. I feel like the collections that are reporting monthly may be causing more damage. I would like to do
  5. I guess I am beyond help. I am going to try the 623 method on the two larger collections and see if I can get any traction this week. the Two smaller ones I will see if I can pay for delete. wish me luck and I will update the results
  6. Good afternoon helpful forum folks. It seems everyone situation is a little different and i have had a lot of general advice, sometimes conflicting with others. I hope to receive some specific information to help me, by posting my situation. credit as of april 6 Equifax 535 transunion 536 experian 649 open 2 month of pos history car loan 40 month pos history bofa card 21 month pos history bofa card 14 month pos history cap one collection cavalry portfolio collection customer disp acct BOFA last reported 3/13$16,501 CFS 2 inc collection customer disp acct US BANK last repo