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  1. Just got my case dismissed against Midland in Washington county Oregon. Under the UCC code the SOL is 4 years, I would expect since it is dell it is 4 years and not 6. Reach out to an attorney, I did and it didn't cost me a dime! We are now in the process of sueing Midland...........
  2. I was a busy beaver today. I filled a complaint with the DOJ of Oregon attaching the false affidavit. Provided to the courts from DNG for Midland. I sent the State of Texas court documents along with Vassalle case documents proving incorrect/false information allegations. My statement to the DOJ "I request the State take action against DNG & Midland for filing false affidavit's to the courts for the sole purpose of gaining monetary judgments. The flaw they did not know about in there Affidavit will come out after my case, but it makes them look like idiots! Now going to find the AWES
  3. Make sure you read everything 3 times, there is so many errors in there paperwork
  4. Let us know how this worked out for you
  5. LostinPDX Please let me know how this went for you. I am about to go up against DNG in Washington county. They sent me the same exact Summons. But prior to this I sent them a letter requesting DV. DNG sent me a generic Bill of Sale. You would thing both Citi & Midland, billion dollar corps could afford letterhead. They also sent me a copy of one of my statements. It is a Shell card, but the thing is I don't have a contract with Shell. I had one with Texaco who sold to Shell. I am two months out from SOL these SOB's.. I need someone to answer this, The Bill Of sale from Citi is