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  1. Thanks retmar! Yeah, I did some research this weekend... I want to be prepared as much as possible so thank you everyone for the advice. I wish these scammers would give me more information so I could file complaints. It's the alleged "litigation service" that keeps calling me on behalf of their "client" named Riverside and claims that they cannot provide their client's information to me. (Frustrating). Anyway, I talked to my family members, and I'm going to talk to my work today. You're right... don't be embarrassed! Fight!
  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement, TomnTex and everyone else! Another thing that worried me was that I got a call from my cousin... who lives 10 hours away from me! We hardly talk... I don't even have her cell phone number nor her house number. BUT these people... the locater service people... somehow got a hold of her yesterday. They called her home number which I don't even have myself, and they told her that I listed her as my emergency contact. Absolutely insane. Makes me wonder who else they call... completely embarassing! I know it's difficult to make them stop, but I wish they wou
  3. Wow, thanks willingtocope! I've never heard from CFPB before, and I'm definitely going to file a complaint. To be honest, years and years ago I had pay day loan problems. I thought I cleared it up with all of them... but this may be one straggler that I just forgot. It is VERY VERY upsetting to know they can call my supervisor and my family! It had my parents worried... I just want to be able to do the right thing to make them stop. And what's even scarier is that they have all of my information. If they call again... which I know they will... what should I do? Bayside is the one that is ca
  4. How long does it take to see a post? I tried to start a new thread yesterday, but my post hasn't come up. I apologize if posting a new thread would be annoying, but I am freaking out. Here is what I posted: I am freaking out just a tiny bit… I hope someone can help me with legal issues before I start to go in panic mode! J I got a call from a locator service who is trying to serve me papers at work! This business called my parent’s house! (I don’t even live with them!) Called my brother.. and called my supervisor at work. I was mortified. I called them back, and they said it has to do with
  5. Well they just called my work.. AGAIN... even though I originally asked them not to. They called to follow up to see if I was able to get my bank to write a statement that my account was closed due to fraud. And to remind me that it may not even be approved without a police report since all my information seems to be valid. They did reiterate they are collecting for SSM Group. And their company is called BOC. Address is PO Box 771 Hamburg, NY 14075. Does anyone know these companies? Well now that I have their official address. Should I send them a DV letter through mail or fax it? I'd hate t
  6. They gave me a fax number to fax a police report (if I got one) and a note from bofa (if I got one). I still have the number they also called me from. I know to send letters certified mail so should I actually call them back and ask for a mailing address? Or should I use the fax number they provided? Anyway, thank you for your response. I'm usually able to handle companies who I kniow I've had a debt from, but this is different since I am drawing a blank... and it was a bit scary since they had all my iinformation and my work number.
  7. Firstly, I’ve been following this site for a long time and everyone has helped TREMENDOUSLY! So I am very grateful for that. My question today is more about payday loans. A few years ago (2011), I got myself into a little trouble with PDLs. Long story short, I paid it all back with extreme difficulty. I’ll be honest, there may have been one or two which I don’t remember opening up. At the time, one of them did contact me and because I was so engulfed in just trying to pay it all back… I settled with the PDL company. I then closed my bank accounts and started a new life without PDLs. Or so I
  8. Thank you for your responses! I have another problem that just arose this morning! You all have been so knowledgeable so I'm hoping you can help me. Yesterday I received a collection notice from Jefferson Capital for a really old credit card that I had a loooong time ago. It fell off my credit report, and it's been a REALLY long time since I've seen anything about it- years! So yesterday I received a collection notice asking me to settle the debt or pay it off! I'm not quite sure what to do here. Do you think they got a hold of my address because I've been recently looking up credit reports ac
  9. Thank you for your response! I read about how installment loans opened against your savings account can help with credit. How easy is it to do? Would Bofa be able to help me with something like that or is that a type of thing (due to my credit scores) I'd have to contact a credit union for? (I am not part of a credit union, but my work is affiliated with one). As we speak, my significant other is adding me as an authorized user on his bank of america unsecured credit card. I always thought about being an authorized user, but wasn't sure if my credit would get checked or if being an authoriz
  10. 1.) I was looking at scores from Equifax, Experian, and Transunion- all separate 2.) Do secured cards really hurt FICO scores? Even the ones that don't report as secured? 3.) Yes, I bank online with BofA and it's direct deposited to both checking accounts- my own and my significant other's. I was eyeing their cash rewards secured card online.
  11. Now I'm confused. I've always had a checking and savings account. I actually have 2 checking accounts! One for myself and one with me and my significant other. Both have savings account tied to them, and I utilize debit cards for both accounts. (This is with Bofa.. which is why I'm thinkning bofa could hopefully be lenient with me regarding getting a secured credit card). How does using a debit card help rebuild with FICO? I know it definitely doesn't help with credit scores because that's all I use, really- debit cards- and as you know, my scores are horrible! I appreciate any insight on th
  12. Thank you both @willingtocope and @ A Brice Consult for your responses! I live in California, and I believe the SOL here is 4 years? The listings from Finex Group began in 3/2009 and and 6/2009. So this basically means, I can still get sued even though I past the SOL... and if I do, I should show up in court anyway, hope that the court agrees the SOL has run... so Finex doesn't get a judgement against me. I tried contacting the city and they're no help at all... especially since I paid my fines and registration to the car. I guess you're right, they're charging me to store the car... but I r
  13. Thanks for your response @Corvetteman! I was already denied by Capital One for insufficent income which I was really surprised by because I could definitely support a secured card. How do that measure insufficient income, anyway? I am going to check with a credit union because my work is part of one. I'm a little embarrassed, but I want to go in and just be honest with them from the start. Let them know that I would need to build credit and I'm hoping they could help me, despite my current credit scores. Do you think that would work? Open Sky would be my last resort because I do want a secured