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  1. In early March, Pentagroup offered a settlement agreement in two installments for April and May. A couple weeks later I'd decided to respond back with a debt validation letter instead since this is my first time dealing with these people. I've received the green card through mail as confirmation they received the letter but within a week or two, they gave me ANOTHER settlement letter offer instead of proof that I owe the debt. They just totally ignored what I gave them plus the 30 day period had expired. In late May, I sent another follow up letter claiming they have yet to respond to the original one. Now today, they sent me a big envelope with paperwork in it as "proof" that I owed them and a letter demanding payment in full. Did I do the right thing asking for debt validation when they initially sent me a settlement offer? Do they suppose to respond within the initial thirty days to prove the debt is mines? It was a little over two months ago when I sent the first DV letter and now it's June and I'm receiving documents. I want to know was it legal on their part. If I don't respond to them, will their next step is to sue next? I don't know what to do next.
  2. In mid March, Pentagroup Financial sent a letter offering a settlement amount for a SL account. According to them, CACH LLC has pre-approved me for the settlement. Instead of agreeing to the settlement, I sent a debt validation letter certified mail, returned receipt. Within days, I've got the green receipt card with their signature. On April 9, I didn't get proof for this debt, but ANOTHER letter that CACH authorized a installment settlement amount at a very low price, a total of $1640. They mention I have two months (April 29th and May 29th) to pay off them off before they demand the original payment in full. Is it legal for these people to ignored the DV letter and not properly verify it or prove they have the legal rights to collect in my state? I'm totally lost at what to do next. I know it might be best to consult a laywer to look into this but I don't have the money for that. I forgot to add, I never spoke to these people over phone so this is their first time hearing from me via the DV letter. Also, can one collection agency speak on behalf for another agency? Is Cach LLC and Pentagroup one in the same?
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