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  1. Thank you all for your advice, I called the OC this morning and they have been very helpful. They are sending me over statements today so I can pay all of these off, they said they would then call off the CA's. I'm excited to see how it all turns out. I'm super glad I asked the question, I was about to make it much more difficult on myself than what it had to be!!
  2. If I spoke with and paid the OC and asked that they reach out to the CA, why wouldn't the CA just mark the debt as paid instead of removing it completely? Thank you so much for your help!!! I'm trying to understand, but it's all so confusing!!
  3. I would have never have thought to contact the doctor's office! I thought that once it was passed on to the collection agencies the medical provider no longer owned it and therefore wouldn't accept payment. Good to know!!
  4. Hello all!! I'm a first time user, so I'd first like to say thank you in advance for any help any of you can provide me with!! I have recently pulled my credit report for the first time and have found 5 collection accounts that are all attributed to medical bills, The highest one is $322 and the lowest is $25, there were a lot of bills coming in at that time, and I think these ones just got lost in the shuffle. I have the financial ability to pay them all in full so I thought the Pay for Delete option would be best for me. One of my main questions is, 3 of the collections listed are with the same collection agency, GLA Collections, would it be beneficial for me to combine all 3 accounts in my pay for delete letter or should I send a separate letter for each account number? Or, is there a different route I should use? Another question I have, besides those collection accounts all of my other accounts (Car payment and credit card) are all paid as agreed with no negative feedback since they were opened in 2011. If the Collection agencies refuse to accept my pay for delete offer, I feel I should go on and pay the debts, meaning they will show as paid on my credit report, but how would a mortgage lender see those. Would the fact that I have good marks on my revolving credit and installment trump the fact that I had medical bills that were sent to collections but have been paid? Thank you again for any feedback you can provide me with!!!
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