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  1. Hi, I was served with a warrant in debt in Virginia and I wanted to see if anyone could help me understand my options better. I have attached a scanned copy of the warrant and affidavit. My questions: 1) My credit limit was only $1700 yet they are telling me I owe $3241. How come? 2) Should I ask for the bill of particulars and if so how do I do it? 3) I never heard from any debt collectors regarding a settlement offer. Would it be wise for me to call them and see if I could settle it out of court? Will they be able to use it in court and just say no to any settlement? I appreciate any advice. I am not trying to dodge paying. I just fallen on hard times after I lost my job not to mention 120k in college loans. I just cant afford them garnishing what little money I do have.
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