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  1. @mattdogg02, Johnetta is an idiot. Any lawyer in the collection business in Texas will tell you that. Also, Midland doens't have any employees. When you get served, file an answer and send discovery and then ask to depose someone at Midland. They will squirm.
  2. I have a suit with Midland. I've taken care of the case for the most part, but hired a lawyer to help me by attending the pretrial hearing. Here is some advice he gave me. I liive in Texas. I asked the atty if we could file a motiont to dimiss. My case in in JP court so there is no such thing like there is in the usual court of record. Here is what he said when I asked the question. No such thing in JP rules. BUT you can file a plea to the jurisdiction. Two things here: a plea to the jurisdiction gets you a dismissal for want of jurisdiction; if Chubaca (er, Johnetta) reads the
  3. It seem that if they are going to sue me for breach of contract, they would have to provide the contract to prove the breach!
  4. Thanks you guys! I just don't want to say anything in my response to the RFD that will bury me. I will take the time to read the links posted here. I can tell from one of the links already that Midland might be in some trouble. Their suit claims breach of contract, but they didn't supply the contract, etc.
  5. Hi all! I'm new to this site - there are so much to read and alot of good advice! I'm hoping that somebody out there can provide some feedback to help me in my situation. I live in Texas and I'm being sued by Midland Funding for and old debt. They filed suit before the statute of limitations. I'm fortunate enough to work in a law firm, so I have access to forms, etc., but this is not something I want to share with any of the attorneys that I work with for obvious reasons. Anyway, I filed my answer the day after I was served, and I included a request for disclosure. Yesterday I recieved