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  1. Update to this account.... So after I sent a DV letter to CA#1, I receive a letter from an in-state collection agency (CA#2_ that they're now attempting to collect on this alleged debt assigned to them from CA#1. No response to my DV from CA#1, can I assume that they are just shuffling this to the next CA?? My only worry is that they've gone now to an in-state CA for more legal type action... Thoughts? DV again obviously, right?
  2. It does say "sold" but still shows the balance.
  3. Phillips and Cohen is not a law firm - it's a JDB apparently with a fancy name making people think they are a law firm. I was under the impression that JDB typically don't sue and typically don't have the documentation that provides them the ability to sue.
  4. Ally is showing a zero balance (the OC) The CA is showing the full balance of the deficiency. I guess what I'm asking here: Is there anyway that I can ask the CA for the documents pertaining to the repo and if they can't produce them, stop paying?? I know its a long shot, but just thought I'd ask here.
  5. Citi is still showing a balance on my credit report, and the CA is not reporting. However, I did receive a letter from Citi saying that they are no longer the owner of the debt and to contact the CA with any issues...
  6. Sorry - it was definitely Citi, not Cap One - my apologies.
  7. Hi all. Quick synopsis: Was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2012, couldn't work and returned my vehicle to the dealership. I recovered and am doing fine. Had received one notice (that I remember) on the date and time of the sale. Then received a deficiency notice and have been paying a collection agency $50 bucks for the past two years on a $6k debt. Do I have any options at this point to stop paying? I'm sure the banks have made their money by now for sure by reselling the vehicle. Just looking for some direction if I decide to tempt fate....
  8. So let me get this straight.... Now I just sit and wait for them to prove they have the right to collect on it? Interesting. What are my next steps either way? Thanks!
  9. Thanks - DV went out today. I hope Cap One didn't provide a lot of paperwork, and just sold them the debt!
  10. Citibank sold debt to CA (Phillips and Cohen). Just got the first dunning letter and telephone call. The debt is about 6k. Last payment on account almost 3 years ago and I live in VA. I should send a DV to the CA at this point correct? Thanks in advance - just making sure I'm not missing anything!
  11. So I sent the DV letter and they responded at day 28 with a HUGE manila envelope with monthly statements dating back several years - many, many pages of statements. What's my next move? I don't think that's validation is it? What letter do I send now? Thanks!!
  12. So I ended up sending a DV letter certified return receipt to Viking Client Services that was signed for on 9/4. Then I get another letter from Viking dated 9/5 asking me to please call them as they want to negotiate the debt with me for settlement. Nothing else - no validation, nothing. What do I do? Send them another letter with that one attached telling them they are now in violation? Steve
  13. All great advice. Just as a "kudos" to this forum. Five years ago I used information from this board to take my credit score from the low 500s to the low 700s in a mere 4 mos. Two years ago I suffered a brain tumor and am in the final stages of recovery prior to returning to work. Thanks for all the great advice - I'm slowly getting back on the right track!
  14. Thanks all - but don't I risk pissing them off so they send the validation and then just jump right to a Warrant in Debt?
  15. So - I have an outstanding debt in the amount of almost 7k, originally with Citi Cards. It's bounced around from one CA to another, I just send a DV and they leave me alone. Anyway, Citi Cards is still the OC on the account. Viking sends me a letter and then calls me. I speak to rep and tell her I'm not working, blah blah blah. She offers an arrangement of $50 per month for a year, at which time I might be able to come up with a settlement offer.... Question, do I just take the $50 bucks a month to buy me sometime (I probably can do something close to 40% in a year), OR do I just DV them