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  1. I never received a outcome of a judgment from almost a year ago. As of yesterday I found out the outcome as I have 10 days to compel Post Judgment Discovery I may have 2 days left as I never received anything in the mail til the judge sent a order to compel. I have not been given credit on money I have attorney when we had court last year I provided the receipts to the judge. Come to find out she granted the attorney his judgment $2027.92, his court cost fee $307.00, and he said he had to pay attorney fees of $709.00 that he sent his partner he works with in his office to court. From the fi
  2. Wondering what my rights are I just received in the mail that I have to reply to a motion to compel post-judgment discovery. I had no idea what this was about so I went to the court house today. Year ago my attorney put a civil lawsuit on me. I didn't hire a attorney I went myself thinking the proof I had was good enough and all my money went to him. My ex-husband agreed to reimburse me $1000.00 reimbursement what I paid this attorney . My attorney went behind my back and sent a email to remind him that money was be mail to him. I was very shocked when my ex sent me the email about this. That