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  1. I never received a outcome of a judgment from almost a year ago. As of yesterday I found out the outcome as I have 10 days to compel Post Judgment Discovery I may have 2 days left as I never received anything in the mail til the judge sent a order to compel. I have not been given credit on money I have attorney when we had court last year I provided the receipts to the judge. Come to find out she granted the attorney his judgment $2027.92, his court cost fee $307.00, and he said he had to pay attorney fees of $709.00 that he sent his partner he works with in his office to court. From the first day I walked in the attorney office I wanted to be reimbursed attorney fees from my ex I made this clear from the first day. I only got $1000.00 but better then nothing. Attorney didn't follow lied took the money think he work something out with my ex. I am not being threaten I will be arrested and lose my house. I just want this to be done. I am going to upload a statement attorney summited to court he made up all these fees but what can I do. I am the defendant. Has Balance on first line 265.70 this was paid 8/10/2011( should have had a credit) He is claiming hours10.4 at $195.00 $2028.00 Legal assistant $156.00 Legal research, travel, coping, phone, postage $78.22 Then I paid $500.00 10/11/11 ( should be credit) How is $2027.92 still owned from me and he told the judge this. I gave the receipts. Claim should be $1496.52 last year at court. Then judge gave him the $1000.00 my ex agreed to pay. I had to sign over to the court so that bring it down to $496.52 balance. What can I do I want this over I will agree to pay $496.52 to have this crooked attorney out of my life. att pay 3.PDF
  2. Wondering what my rights are I just received in the mail that I have to reply to a motion to compel post-judgment discovery. I had no idea what this was about so I went to the court house today. Year ago my attorney put a civil lawsuit on me. I didn't hire a attorney I went myself thinking the proof I had was good enough and all my money went to him. My ex-husband agreed to reimburse me $1000.00 reimbursement what I paid this attorney . My attorney went behind my back and sent a email to remind him that money was be mail to him. I was very shocked when my ex sent me the email about this. That is not what the judge order was. I was to be sent the money with in 30 days. Next thing I know he started a civil lawsuit on me to make me sign 1000.00 over to him as it only had my name on it as he judge ordered. So the attorney wrote void on my first check and had my ex send another 2 separate checks one to me for dental bills he owed on my daughter and then the other to his office. My ex to protect himself wrote my name on the check and attorney name and sent that to my attorney office . Went to court explained to the judge she said the money will be kept in the vault til she makes her discussion. I never heard of anything assumed he got the money and want to be done with the jerk. Til I got this in the mail from the judge Motion to compel post discovery. I am not getting credit for $767.00 plus the $1000.00 check he took from the ex that makes $1767.00. Court papers states she entered in to $2737.69. he also lied about his fees. I showed the judge all the money I paid him plus email were he sent me that $500.00 and I would be done with attorney fees. Then he turned around and filed for over $3000.00 for fees this is not right. Now he wants to take my house, banking information with accounts, boats, trailer, stocks, bonds, insurance. Court told me today that I can be arrested if I don't send this information in and my property can be taken from me. I am scared and don't know what to do. This is not right what this man did and but here in Prattville Al you are nobody it is all about the buddy system here. Some one please give me so advice on what to do.