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  1. Anyone have any experience getting aspire & midland off cr.?
  2. I believe the SOL is the time CA have to legally sue you and its state regulated, they still can try to collect on these accts after the SOL. The negative item on your report stays on for 7 1/2 yrs and has nothing to do with the state's SOL. Still JDB & CA will try to sue and collect on these accts and its your responsibility to bring it up in front of a judge( that is if they sue).
  3. First I have to give a big thanks to this Board, its members and the admin and the staff, for helping me and people like me to clear our CRs. Am very grateful for all the advise and hrs & hrs of reading material and posts by the admin and the members. I have tried other boards too but keep coming back here coz I honestly think members in here post the most informative and sound advice posts, while other boards are busy increasing the cc portfolio and thus increasing their debts or talk about gardening all day. I disputed 3 items on Equifax- 2 got deleted(collection accts), 1 remained- cr
  4. Just wanted people to know who's trying to rebuild their credit. I got approved for an unsecured credit card called milestone gold master card. It was on my credit karma recommended card. My scores are pretty low, TU FICO 601, credit karma-597, credit sesame 604. Its just a sub prime card, with a low limit of $300 and $75 annual fee. Also got approved for open sky secured card with 200$ limit and $29 annual fee. Already saw a bump in my credit karma faco score by 6 pts due to open sky. If I got approved for the milestone card, I think anyone can with low scores. Am not going to apply for any
  5. Think what he's trying to say is that if he pays the debt in full. The CA might update the debt with CRA as paid in full. I believe the clock will restart again and stay on your report for another 7 1/2 yrs so in like mid 2021.
  6. I won my first own lawsuit against a JDB & their junk lawyers thanks to bmc. Those who are being sued in mi should def read and listen to this man.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. Am done avoiding JDB & their numerous affiliates. I now make sure to DV every dunning notice I get & still keep on fighting. Am not paying a penny to CA & JDB only to OC. If CA wants my hard earned money we'll take it to a judge. Am not scared anymore 7 since I started all this I have started to keep meticulous records of every correspondence.
  8. Yeah I guess I'll let this one pass. But honestly though do you think they would do the same if it was the other way round.
  9. Just wanted to update this thread, in case anyone was looking at it. I sued JDB & JD law firm and today I got a settlement offer from them. I have to give thanks to this board and especially to bmc and the lawyer he recommended. Without bmc help, I wouldn't have ever thought of suing these guys. Sweet revenge tastes sooooo good.
  10. I just got a call from a person in india saying she works for MCM and that she is trying to collect a old citi card debt. I just got their first dunning letter like last week and sent in a dv with full cease and desist letter & when I asked her about my dv letter she stated they haven't received it. WellI just checked the usps tracking and it says it was delivered today on the 19th. Isn't this an FDCPA violation of $1000?. Or should I give them a week for the letter to be read by them?.
  11. You have this in the wrong section , start a thread in is there a lawyer in the house thread. You will def get a lot of responses & stop freaking out.
  12. I have a tiny question, I got my first dunning letter from enhanced recovery from florida(JDB) for a cell phone bill. And I did responded within 30 days, they then send me like two billing statements from my cell provider, one for $247 and the other for $318 total charged off. It also states in their second letter that I have 30 days to dispute this if not they are going to assume that this is my debt. Here's where am a bit confused their's a discrepancy with the amount, the JDB is asking for $393 but the billing statements they send me shows the amt charged off is $318, can the JDB add on mor
  13. Is a copy of my id & social enough when disputing with cra?. Because I don't have any utility bills in my name.
  14. Seems like all these JDB & JDB lawyers are just filing lawsuits close to tax season, they know that you will get some cash from your tax returns and hoping that you will fold & give them that cash thru a settlement or for the whole amt thru monthly payments. Unfortunately most people get scared & do settle or start the process to fight back but then give up half way and settle, only a hand full actually fight back all the way to trial. Stenger & Lvnv is beatable, look at my thread i just beat them last month.