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  1. @bmc100, ok will worry about msj. However the msj and trial are both scheduled for June 19th at 10:30
  2. @peanutrs, Thanks for the "Proper reasons for objecting to a question asked to a witness notes...
  3. I know, I had fun with it too. I wish it had more games.
  4. @peanutrs Thanks for the opening statement...Will practice. Working on Trial now, just in case. I'm hoping It won't go that far....
  5. I'm preparing for a possible trial with a JDB. This morning I was reading up on when to use " I Object your Honor". I found this great quiz game (Objection Your Honor!) to help brush up on this technique. I hope you'll enjoy it. It even gives you a Certificate of Completion at the end. Really neat! http://www.texaslre.org/objection_your_honor/objection_your_honor.html
  6. I'm going the judge will dismiss the entire case for fraud or the jdb will run! I'm going to sue but will practice
  7. @BV80 Did't want to forget you....Thanks a bunch for your insight...Truly appreciate your help on my case.
  8. @peanutrs, @shellieh98, @bmc100, @Savoir, Thank you again. Very Grateful. I feel like a Champ...I filed my Opposition For Motion Summary today!!!! I would not have been able to make it through that part of the process without you!!! Sorry for just getting back, had to relax my mind......head was banging!!!!!!
  9. I just want to Thank everyone who walked me through my first process of fighting back with the JDB. I completed my opposition for MSJ! Now, I'll wait and see what happens.. Thank you, Peanutrs, Shellieh98, Bmc100 And Savoir..Wouldn't have been able to do it without you!!

    1. peanutrs


      Your welcome.. Good Luck !

  10. I just want to Thank everyone who walked me through my first process of fighting back with the JDB. I completed my opposition for MSJ! Now, I'll wait and see what happens.. Thank you, Peanutrs, Shellieh98, Bmc100 And Savoir..Wouldn't have been able to do it with you!!

  11. @bmc100 Sorry to keep bothering you, but your information has helped me and I just wanted to get a few more pieces of info from you before you logout. Can a JDB subpoena a bank account before a judgment or before discovery... as mentioned before. They claimed or have noted in the MSJ that they subpoenaed my account 3/21/13 however, they presented all of my records including my bank records two days after the pre-trail which was held 2/13/13. The subpoena stated that they issued it to my bank April 4, 2012 over a year ago.
  12. @bmc100 Formally, I stated that the affidavit was outdated. However, I made a mistake because I was looking at the affidavit they sent me after the pre-trial that claimed that GHR is the President of HAC, has reviewed and is familiar with the business records of plaintiff relative to the subject Account, and is so authorized and competent to make this affidavit, as to the matters stated to be upon information and belief, affiant believes them to be true. 2. That the amount due plaintiff from Renita Edmonds as near as plaintiff can estimate same, over and above all legal counterclaims is $994.92. A true and correct copy of such account stated is as follows: and so on and so on was dated and signed Sept 12, 2012. I was told there should have been a different affidavit attached to the summons and claim that was delivered to my home. I never received the affidavit. According to court records they didn't file an affidavit but i'm just looking at the REGISTER OF ACTIONS from the court because when i went down there to see the file, it was in the judges chambers.
  13. @peanutrs Hi there! I'm still working on this. Peanutrs how do i address the fact that I wasn't informed about the subpoena of my bank account. On the Register of Actions sheet that was printed out from the courts in which I listed above, It does not state that they filed or was issued the right to subpeona my account. I've been trying to find a case on that.
  14. @shellieh98, can I use a motion to strike in my opposition motion or do i have to file separate?
  15. @peanutrs @shellieh I thought the affidavit that they stated claiming the ownership was the one I was suppose to contest. I never received an affidavit otherwise from them regarding the summons & complaint. And, it's not on the court record's print out that I posted above.
  16. @peanutrs Yes! Thank you, I'm working on it now. I can't believe the judge has the file and I couldn't get to it. The clerk however, stated that there is no affidvit or subeona order on file.
  17. @peanutrs @shellieh98 @Savoir @bmc100 I just left the district court to view my files and I can't believe it!!! The judge had it. Therefore, I could not see what exactly they filed. Unbelievable. All motions are suppose to be filed on or before May 27th. Shouldn't I have had the opportunity to file before the judge had taken my file. Now, JDB has the upper hand. They did give me a print out. It states as follows: 09/13/12 Summ & COMP FILED D01 SUMM & COMP BY PLAINTIFF ISSUED 09/14/12 P01 ADDRESS ADDED D01 ADDRESS ADDED DATA VERIFIED/ 11/07/12 D01 SUMM & COMP PERSONALLY SERVED 12/11/12 D01 ANSWER FILED 12/13/12 FILE SENT TO JUDGE DEE DEE 01/10/13 ALL PRE-TRIAL SCHEDULED THE FAILURE OF EITHER PARTY TO APPEAR IN COURT MAY RESULT IN DEFAULT OR DISMISSAL NOTICE MAILED TO ALL PARTIES JUDGE DEE DEE COURT CLERK: LEE LEE FILE RETURNED TO CHAMBER 02/13/13 ALL PRE-TRAIL HELD ALL BENCH TRIAL SCHEDULED ALL DISCOVERY MUST BE COMPLETED BY APRIL 15, 2013 ALL MOTIONS, DISPOSTIVE OR OTHERWISE MUST BE FILED WITH COURT BY MAY 27, 2013. WITNESS LISTS MUST BE EXCHANGED AND FILED WITH COURT BY MAY1, 2013. ALL MOTION IN LIMINE MUST BE FILED ON OR BEFORE MAY 27, 2013 NO STIPULATED ADJOURNMENT OF TRIAL DATE WILL BE ACCEPTED BY THE COURT. COPIES SIGNED AND GIVEN. JUDGE DEE DEE 02/15/13 PLAINTIFFS EXHIBIT LIST FILED. 05/20/13 D01 MOTION FILED MOTION FEE PAID If there was an affidavit, shouldn't it be on file??? I never received an affidavit with my summons & complaint.... as you can see, they never filed a subpeona to visit my bank account in which they have all of my personal information. Today is the day for me to complete this.....I can use all the extra help anyone can give and it is definitely appreciated.....
  18. @Savoir, No problem. I just didn't know what you were talking about. But, I am going to use your words. I am Going to Strike this case and Strike it hard!
  19. @peanutrs Thanks for everything. I will post update as soon as I return home from the court...
  20. @shellieh98 Oh, I didn't take it wrong. It was just me losing a little faith. However, apprecialte your help and concern. I'm on my way to the District Court to check up on my case and facts. Then, I'll be back here to finish this thing TODAY!!! My faith is up now. You all have been such a service to me that I can't believe I found this site. Where in the world have I been. Wish me the best.
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