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  1. So I'm new here, but I was hoping to find some advice. I recently looked at my credit report and saw that my scores had dropped drastically since last I had checked. I found out that I had late payments on a credit card, flagged at 30 and 60 days. The card is a capital one account that I had completely paid off. What happened was they had charged me my annual fee, and I hadn't even thought to check my balance. So the balance went unpaid. With the late fees and annual charge, I owed around $37. It was frustrating to see my credit drop so low over a miniscule amount. I have paid off this balance. I am considering writing a goodwill adjustment letter to capital one, however I wanted input as to whether this would likely be adjusted? I have had this account with them for 2 years and this is my only late payment. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. I am also unsure as to where/who I would send this letter, so any advice on that would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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