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  1. Thanks everyone! I could have never done this on my own. I'm SO glad I didn't pay a Lawyer money for defense just to find out the Plaintiff had the wrong SSN in the first place. So is there anything else I should be doing to seal the deal? Or is the Notice of Dismissal pretty much all there is?
  2. Well everyone I got a NOTICE OF DISMISSAL in the mail today from asset! I would like to thank everyone who helped me through this! You all were very helpful and walked me through this every step of the way! I beat them and it was of all the great help on this site! Jeff
  3. Oh geez, now I have a work is planning on sending me out of state for the next MONTH fort a large contract job. I'm going to be in Texas the whole entire month of NOV...what can I do? what is going to happen if I am not at the court date?!?! Crap I really don't want to tell work no, since I'm still the "new guy" but what can I do? If Is there a way to extend the date?
  4. They have not tried to call me. However i have a new phone number as of last month, so they have my old number. They may be trying to call. should I call them and give them my new number?
  5. The lawyer told me something about them having a witness but i suspect she was just trying to make me scared. She was mumbling something about them bringing a witness to the hearing if it comes to that. So if i don't hear anything by the 7th I should just go to the hearing ready to defend myself as originally planned? If the dismiss do they normally do it the day before or on the actual court date?
  6. What happens if I just wait till the court date. You think they will dismiss that day? I'm not sure what to do really.
  7. So how do i file for MSJ? This is what I found on the court website: RULE No. 21 JUDGMENT ENTRIES Whenever a judgment or dismissal entry is required in any case, the Court may prepare it or order that counsel prepare the same. The entry shall be filed within ten (10) days. If such entry was to be prepared and presented by counsel, the Court shall prepare and file same when it is not timely presented to the Court. [M.C.Sup.R.7] Filed within 10 days of what? The court date?
  8. Thank you! So do i wait a few days before trial to make the motion for summary judgement?
  9. No I haven't received the answers to the discovery questions yet. Sorry I haven't responded in awhile. my wife just had our second Baby Boy on monday so I have been very busy to say the least. What exactly is a summary judgement? Is that a counter suit against them?
  10. Well I haven't heard anything from the plaintiffs lawyers. Should I send them a affidavit that I wrote now, or keep waiting? Our court date is set for Nov 7th
  11. Thank you everyone, I will wait a little and think about it. Either way I'm not signing their affidavit. I think sending them my own may be what I will do. I think I'll just wait a week or so then send it.
  12. Okay I understand, So to file the affidavit with the court I would just make 2 copies and take one into the clerk? Last time I brought the clerk papers and asked to file them she acted like I was crazy haha. So the affidavit is NOT them dismissing? It is kind of like a summary of what is going on? I guess i should look up the definition of affidavit. I can just wait a couple weeks and then send it in.
  13. Well I hate to say it but i'm a little confused. What is a proper affidavit that serves the defendant? Is that like the one you wrote? I honestly don't know what to do. I just want these clowns to dismiss as fast as possible. That lawyer they hired was a joke. she was fumbling her papers and acting confused. I would make a better lawyer than her...HONESTLY. and that's not saying much. Can I just send them the affidavit that Flyerfan wrote and send them an explanation stating that I do not agree with their affidavit and I cannot sign it? Then they will say WHY NOT? And I can say I have no e
  14. Okay thanks for the help everyone. I feel since they didn't send it CMRRR I could just say I never got it. They can't force me to sign that...and they don't have much evidence against me to prove their case. Maybe I can just wait and see what happens.
  15. So should I write my affidavit just like theirs but add the 1-6 responses that flyer fan posted? Theirs says "Affidavit of fraud" in Bold. should i keep mine the same? or should I just not respond. They have my old phone number so they can't call me.