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  1. @CakeLVR ~ that's a good story! thanks for sharing.
  2. @shellieh98 Thanks tons. I will research the cases. Yes, I do know that Sherman is the parent company of LVNV or sold to LVNV. I have a untrustworthy BOS between the two. As well as a very untrustworthy Transfer from Chase to Sherman. I so have a MIL I found here from - I think from @homelessinca or one of his threads. I have found some good info here and the inspiration to keep going is phenomenal. .
  3. Thanks Anon Amos and BV80. Yes, the numerous calls were made after the C&D letter before litigation. After litigation, I do understand the need for, as pro per, allowing calls pertaining to the litigation (M&C or the deposition coordination) but not calls to collect the alleged debt. RE: the January notarized Transfer - what is curious to me is - I just do not believe that a large bank would go out of the way to put together simple a paragraph related to sale of the alleged CC debt from 2010. Why wouldn't they have the entire account number? and why didn't they do that at the time
  4. wow! collectionfighter - I hope you appealed it! You have too many errors of law in your trial. I've also dealt with a judge that is "above" the law. I've been in the court rooms now for over a year watching. I've come to realize that no matter what the judge (sub or assigned) they get to know the JDB attorneys too well. It's almost like a "working" relationship and I judges "know" them and rules in favor of them. Oh, brother... don't get me started on the injustice I've been seeing!
  5. I am preparing my response to submit my CCP 98 to opposing counsel. I hope I still have time... I need to send what I plan on using at trial from my cross complaint (FDCA violations). I have the CR (I assume I can redact items that are not relevant to the case) and the telephone logs, etc. My focus has been more in the way of defending myself than the cross-complaint against them. It was recommended to take them to small claims (by a consultation w/an attorney). Tomorrow: I need to pay for jury fee deposit. I read the fees online and am not sure if it's $150 deposit or $150 per day for 3 d
  6. UPDATE: I received the pink slip in the mail. Then the next day I receive a letter from a collection company saying I owe $5,000. I will respond to them before the 30 days showing a zero balance and pink slip. RIGHT?
  7. Oh... I know!! I just had to do this for my MASSIVE civil battle... I will write the notary and get the copy from her journal entry to see if this guy really signed the doc. writing letter now.
  8. Oppsy - They did...I think. I just received my CCP 98 package back from opposing attny. They have, again, sent the statements, the application, the bill of sale and NOW... (big drum roll) a signed and notarized, on OC letterhead, transfer between Sherman, and OC with my name specifically, the account # (ONLY the last four tho) and the amount transferred. Although, just created this past January. Really??? So, the big wigs at the OC have the time to put together a one paragraph transfer letter from the millions of transfers they do, OR even the thousands of transfers placed into the court
  9. I was going to send a copy of the file, I lack knowledge on how to attached or include herein or even send in a personal message. pooey...
  10. I know I foiled their plans. lol I knew goin into this that it was going to be a fight with my cross complaint. I meant to say that they sent me the Bill of Sale signed by Chase and Sherman, the Transfer and assignment from Sherman and L V NV, and a receivable file (Ex A) with a transfer group number. Not one of these items shows anything...does it? Anyone receive this in discovery before. It appears to be made up. Shows me no agreement between me and LV NV or other. thanks for listening... PS: I feel like someone is watching me...
  11. Update: Had the nearly 6 hour long depo. Not really sure how it went. Am expecting the transcripts of the depo any day to review, certify and return. I really didn't say to much OR maybe I did. It felt like getting arrested for something I didn't do, get drilled for hours, and confess to something just to get the hell outta there. Frustrating and was not how I planned my day (clients waiting for me was making me nervous). The attorney that deposed me kept asking me if I researched my responses from the internet and the various forums (like this). I said - of course, I am in pro-per and
  12. Update: I had the second CMC last week. The attny (on the telephone) for LVNV sated they are still in discovery. We set the trial date to be April 21st. The judge asked the attny if t was going to be a "short cause" trial. The attny said it maybe longer since I have a cross complaint. The judge looked at me as if I agreed and I said, No, your honor, I will want a Jury trial. The judged looked irritated and said he will put down for three days, said I had to post the jury fees and the trial readiness conference is on April 17th. So, I have my depo today at 10:00. As I mentioned - they want m
  13. The Depo is the 23rd of January - 10 days after the CMC. Thanks for the tip on the depo. I'm sure their reason to depose me is because of my Cross-Complaint. Funny... the judge pushed the CMC out due 90 days because the plaintiff had pending discovery and it's their excuse again. When I go the the CMC I will hopefully move the court to have trial immediately or file a motion to what? dismiss? summary judgement? The plaintiff has not proven standing - although they sent me statements from the account and a signature that appears to look like mine - that's all I have. Of course they are not
  14. Back on the board... the case seems to have been on the back burner for a bit. Next step, the CMC on January 13th. Now I have a scheduled deposition on the 23rd. In the subpoena the asks me to bring ALL documents relating the Chase Bank credit card (currently owned by LVNV); payment copies, dispute letters and responses, correspondence to and from LVNL, charge slips, all printed sales receipts reflecting the charges, all documents in my possession or control to show I do not owe money on the account, copies and each and every document reflecting to any telephone calls made to defendant on