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  1. I don't know if calling the guy pond scum was the nicest thing to do, but it's not worth prosecuting, give me a break. Everything I said in terms of him lying was true. Lucky for me, NY is a state where only one person need know a voice recording is occurring. Meaning the person doing the recording. I have every conversation recorded with this company, and can show that what they said, and what they did, differ greatly. If calling that lying is a genuine offense, there is something further wrong with the judicial system than I already knew. If you don't like being called a liar, I think your b
  2. @BV80, I have a court date, I am planning to offer to bring them there, and if that is not acceptable, Im looking as to my next move. For actual depositions, there is a rule that they must occur in the county which the court case is proceeding. I wonder if there is something similar for this as well.
  3. This site speaks to that
  4. No, subpoena seems to only be necessary when the demand is for discovery on a non-party. As I am the defendant in the case, I am a party. I learned this by reading a few sites offering commentary on the CPLR which offered more in-depth answers. Still though, no information on how far a person be expected to travel. And yes, they are doing it just to be difficult as what they are asking for are verified answers as to where I lived several years ago, which means I have to sign by notary anyway. The notice actually states that these be produced not by myself, but by my attorney (which I don't h
  5. Still involved in discovery process in civil litigation. Still waiting for answers to interrogs. I have received today a request for me to appear not in court but at the law offices of the attorney on file, which are over 2.5 hours from me (in NY). I am not able to make this journey. It seems to be covered by NY CPLR 3120, but I can't find anything specifying how far a person is expected to travel to produce documents. Can anyone help me please? Pretty pretty please?
  6. Hey all Started new topic as my last post from a couple days back didn't get any replies. Could y'all check out my new ? at: In summation, I am wondering about the ability to send a BOP and interrogs in NY. Since I hadn't heard anything and this is time-sensitive, I resent them my BOP (which they had returned to me, citing a rule which has to do with not being allowed to send a BOP and interrogs in NY, and I'd already sent interrogs), but changed the language from Bill of Particulars to Supplemental Interrogatories. An
  7. SO I arrived back from a month-long retreat to find that the folks at P&P responded to my bill of particulars by: rejecting and returning it, citing New York CPLR 3130 (which states a bill of particulars not be served with an interrogatory). I am so irritated. The discussion I had with the attorney, where he agreed to send me something which he had not re. the chain of title, also (I guess obviously) he failed to execute. So, what do I do now? I would like to send the same darn bill of particulars, simply renamed as "supplemental Interogatories", and ask for a rescheduled court date. I
  8. Definitely do! They are masters of semantics and playing games.
  9. I don't know about a "counter"...I think the reason they would settle (and ultimately take $1400 less)would be that they are getting the money up chance you for some reason move, stop working, etc. It's a done deal for them. But, you are right about needing to get all of it in writing since they can (and will) take your payment and keep on taking, as you already well know. Good luck!
  10. Because even though they have their attorneys of record, they have to sometimes hire rent-a-lawyers to fill in, as they can only be at one place, one time. Think about what this costs them. Lawyers often charge $300 per hour...if this is going to take them another 5 hours, they've essentially lost a third of their due, without a guarantee that they will recoup.
  11. Well, I hear you...they can lie....but won't that be a problem for them if I can prove they are lying? I guess that would veto a couple of my questions, but here goes: Defendant's Demand for Bill of Particulars: I HAVE MY SHILL LACKEY ATTORNEYS TROLL THIS BOARD TO SUCK BLOOD FROM STONES. MY PARENTS MUST BE SO PROUD.
  12. I wanted to point it out so I could strike it as evidence. I don't believe they could simply amend it to be notarized, as it is a document from (supposedly from) Citibank, and between Citibank (OC) and the JDB1...there is zero chance they are going to be able to get this woman to sign an affidavit. Id she exists or even works there anymore. But, point well taken about playing my cards to soon. Anyhoo, I have decided to jump ship with the notice to admit, and instead create a bill of particulars (aka demand for production of documents). Once I am done, I will upload and would love any feedback
  13. They show 3 statements from 2010 (which I think must have been sent to a wrong address because when I moved in 2008 they never got my address going forward), with no payment. Can I ask in my notice to admit that their affiant (Patricia Hall of Citibank) does not have the "affidavit" notarized. I believe it should be notarized, no? And then I can say something about how it is not notarized, i.e. in my notice to admit "Bill of Sale and Assignment from Patricia Hall is not notarized?" That would be a way to attack how official the document is. Also, there is a notarized affidavit from someone f