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  1. Harry Seaward

    PRA has offered PFD?

    No Yes. I've never seen this happen, and you'd have a nice FDCPA payday if it ever did.
  2. Harry Seaward

    Amex: Best opportunity to settle?

    A huge, and possibly the only, reason AMEX and Discover run such a tight arbitration ship is because people blabbed a "how to" on internet message boards like this one.
  3. Harry Seaward

    Being Sued in Texas by Portfolio Recovery

    Nope. No one said anything even remotely close to this. Yup. Didn't make it even a full day, I don't think. Glad to see you're finally recognizing it, anyway. The first step is admitting you have a problem. There might be hope for you yet, brother. Sending thoughts and prayers (not really - I'm an atheist).
  4. Harry Seaward

    Being Sued in Texas by Portfolio Recovery

    @Goody_Ouchless are you cheating on me with Rocker? I thought i was the only one you were sidekicking for. đŸ˜¥
  5. Harry Seaward

    Being Sued in Texas by Portfolio Recovery

    You lost me, bro. Oh, it's humor now, is it? Because last time you said you never did it. You were lying then or now? (I know the answer, but I'm starting to suspect you don't.) Please demonstrate where this has happened "for the SOLE purpose" of spinning what you said. (I'm really curious how you're going to pull this off, since you can't possibly know all reasons I do things.) And again, they are your own words, so there's not really much spinning that goes on anyway. Why?
  6. Harry Seaward

    Being Sued in Texas by Portfolio Recovery

    đŸ¤£ If you say so. I wouldn't know, but I'll be sure to remind you of this logic anytime I see one of your insults. Starting with calling me a horse's azz. I never claimed I don't quote individual parts of your voluminous posts. And they're always your words exactly as you said them, so it seems the problem lies more in what you say, and not how I respond to it. That's fascinating, because there are parts of that answer that are flat-out false. Wow, really? You have no idea how much I appreciate this. I was losing hope that you'd ever see the light. Don't take this personal, but I don't trust your memory so I'm going to bookmark this thread in the very unlikely event I need to remind you of this and your "takes one to know one" declarations.
  7. Your case isn't in small claims court.
  8. It doesn't matter. Your case can't be in small claims because attorneys aren't allowed in small claims, and LVNV is using an attorney.
  9. I have a question about Midland Credit Mang. I settled an account with the firm when I received a notice of possible attorney review. I settled this with them over the phone and have not removed it from my credit report. I sent a dispute in stating that the account was paid and just today received a notice in the mail stating that I still owed the full amount. I called them and they told me that they had taken the money from another account that I didnt even know existed.  I told them that I have documentation showing that I paid and i also have a confirmation number. They told me that they would switch it to the account i was talking about. Can they actually apply money to something else even if they have not sent me anything saying I owe anything else? I gave them the account number when I paid this. Any help would be appreciated as what I should do next.

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    2. Harry Seaward

      Harry Seaward

      In what capacity? 

    3. Kim


      Well they sent me something saying possible court. It was like a pre trial notification. If they dont fix it before 2 months I worry about them taking me to trial. Does that make sense?

    4. Harry Seaward

      Harry Seaward

      If they apply the balance credited to the second account over to the first account, and that amount satisfies the first account in full, you won't have to worry about court on that account. But they can probably sue you on the second account. 

  10. Harry Seaward

    Being Sued in Texas by Portfolio Recovery

    Here's a perfect example of you doing some of the name calling you swear you never do. Anyway, he asked for my opinion. That's make me the horse's mouth. I guess you made yourself the other end, then. By copying and pasting ramblings from an internet message board? I have never seen an attorney-prepared response even half as long as that one. We know. We all watched in horror as it happened. In contrast, nobody has lost against a JDB in arbitration.
  11. Harry Seaward

    Filed a MTC - Arbitration....Now What?

    They won't pay the fee. Eventually they will file a motion to dismiss. I'm guessing sometime within the next 2 weeks.
  12. I don't see where this was clarified, but you cannot use arbitration if you intend to dispute the existence of an agreement. Since the agreement is only enforceable against the parties to the agreement, you will indeed have to indirectly admit you had an account with Synchrony. You can still dispute that Midland owns it, or that you still owe any money, but a.) Midland has evidence you had an account with Synchrony in the form of account statements, and b.) it doesn't really matter because they will dismiss once the court orders arbitration and you pay the $200 initiation fee. If your plan is to claim you never had this Synchrony account, we need to be having an entirely different conversation.
  13. Harry Seaward

    Help! I've been served.

    The court uses their own form and mails it to everyone. If it were ever a problem, you'd get a few warnings from the court before they would eventually hit you with sanctions (e.g. $20 fine or something).
  14. 98% of the people that get sued do nothing. Welcome to the 2% Club!
  15. Because the OC is Synchrony and Midland is suing you, arbitration is the best way to go about this. You indicated a written response is not necessary, but is it permissible in your court rules? Re: $300 settlement, you can certainly try, but i wouldn't expect them to take less than $700 or $800.