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  1. What are my chances of getting an FHA loan or what should I do... Long story short lost business/income due to the economy home was foreclosed on 2009 we filed BK in 2010. Unfortunately we have one collection account post BK to Comcast dated 12/11...canceled after receiving a bill for $522 and they could not explain to my satisfaction why the bill was as high as it was and quite frankly I couldn't afford to pay it since I was trying to survive on not much money. Circumstances have improved considerably my husband now has a steady job and we are hoping to once again own a home. We have started working with a mortgage broker everything is in place except this one account...He is trying unsuccessfully to get the information removed. I'm willing to pay the collection in full. If Comcast will not remove the negative reporting (although I'm not giving up on it) and I pay the balance in full will this improve our chances of getting approved for a mortgage? Would there be a waiting time after the debt is paid to make it look better? (We are not in a rush but would like to take advantage while rates are low) .Thank you in advance for any information or advice you can provide!