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  1. Just an update, received a check from JDB's attorneys for my filing fees! Ahh! They better not mess with me again! Nice to get a refund back. Hehe! Thank you all again for all your help! Couldn't have prevailed over these scumbags, without you all. Big hugs!
  2. Thanks so much for all your help @helpme !! Forever grateful for you all and this amazing support forum. You all ROCK!!
  3. Ha ha!! Thank you so much @calawyer !! You and the others are angels! I could not have won this case without all your help! Truly grateful! And you bet I will go get back my money that they could not get their hands on! HA!! Thank you again!! You all ROCK!
  4. Case got DISMISSED against Cavalry & Winn Law group!!! Sent CCP 96 and got this lovely gift in return. Special thank you to @calawyer @Scientific @Seadragon @Anon Amos @ASTMedic @racecar @bravoflaca2000 @helpme and the rest of all those AMAZING people who helped me win my battle against these scumbags and their attorneys! Blessed to have found this forum! Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude for all your help! I cannot repay back the time and support you all have given me but I hope to help and inspire others to KEEP ON FIGHTING! JDB's don't like people who FIGHT BACK!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!! I updated my original thread with the results. Cheers my friends!
  5. Thanks so much @Anon Amos!! Your endless help certainly played a role in my success! I cannot repay you all for your time and support. I will forever be grateful for you all and this forum.
  6. Guess who kicked the JDB & their attorneys to the curb?! You got that right!! Got a copy of the Request for Dismissal from JDB's attorneys showing they requested to dismiss entire actions without prejudice.. Those scumbags!! SOL has run out so they better not think about coming at me again or I will go at them a million pounds harder! HA! Checked court website and it's confirmed with the beautiful words 'CASE DISMISSED'! Court trial was supposed to be next month. Sent them CCP 96 and this is the gift I get in return! I am stunned that I actually beat these scumbags!! And I could not have been successful without the help of these amazing group of people who practically gave their support, endless help, patience and encouragement along the way: @calawyer @Seadragon @Scientific @Anon Amos @ASTMedic @racecar @bravoflaca2000 @helpme @HomelessInCalifornia and all of those that I have forgotten to mention in my post, THANK YOU!!!! From the bottom of my heart! I could not have succeeded over these scumbags without all your help! You all are my life saving angels! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Now here's to figuring out how I can get some of the costs of suit back! If you're wondering how I got here, follow this post every step of the way. After receiving JDB's garbage discovery from their attorneys, instead of going the MTC route, I decided to stay silent like @ASTMedic. JDB pushed court trial to a year later, thinking I would some how forget the calendar dates.. HA!! Wrong! Sent them CCP 96 twice to make SURE they got it, both CMRR and then BOOM, received dismissal copy in the mail! I was ready to subpoena their witness if they were going to respond to my CCP96 but they bummed out! HA! Scumbags! You can seriously beat these guys and I bear testimony to this! Listen to what these guys advise you as they will be your 'Army of battle' against these scumbags! REMEMBER, they do not like people who fight back!! Again, THANK YOU to those who have helped me WIN my case! Words cannot express my utmost gratitude to you all and this amazing forum!! Mucho hugs! I can now say "I BEAT CAVALRY & WINN LAW GROUP"!!!! Cheers my friends!
  7. Hi everyone! Still waiting for court date. JDB is trying to settle for over 60%. Sounds like they are throwing the towel in. Intimidated to give in but we shall see. Will keep you all posted.
  8. Thanks Seadragon and everyone for the support and encouragement! I'll keep you posted on how it goes.
  9. Ok thanks Calawyer. After deep thought, I think I will got the MTC route after all they have been beating around the bush, not complying with what I've requested for the money lent cause of action after all, I want them to know I'm not playing their pathetic little games. Fingers crossed it'll go my way. Wish me luck guys. Any additional info on filing MTC would be greatly appreciated! Again, thank you all!
  10. Gotcha! Thanks for all the info, every bit of info helps. Hope I'm as successful at beating these scums like you. Great quote Anon Amos! Well guess what? Came home to find they replied to M&C letter with the same bogus response. They are claiming my demand for BOP is inapplicable as to the Account Stated. I CLEARLY stated on my demand for BOP that it was for the money lent cause of action. UGH! And then they reference some cases from the 50s and 60s. Double UGH! They are claiming that Account stated was the cause of action, in addition Money lent. The complaint shows 2 causes of actions, it does not say anywhere that money lent was an addition. Are they playing bullcrap chase again? They basically responded the same way they responded to my 1st BOP stating their general objections and that plaintiff is still "searching" for docs. Here's their response: So what now? Your help is truly appreciated!
  11. Thank you both! Yes, planning to file MTC when 10 days is up, will give them extra 5 days for mailing. @bravoflaca2000 so you waited till CCP96 was due? That's 45 days before the actual trial correct? I don't know what my trial date is yet till I go to the CM hearing. Wondering if I should go your route and keep requesting M&C till CCP96 is up. Did that work in your favor?
  12. Thanks Anon Amos! What about if I still don't hear back from them when the BOP is due next week after sending them M&C? Do I still contact the attorney to M&C?
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