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  1. My attorney told me to go downtown and find the documents they served me with to see if they did it right. WIll know next week. How do they find out about your bank accounts anyway? I bank with a very small bank that doesnt even use chexsystems, will I be ok keeping funds in there? Will they difinitly send me a summons if they find it or will will I be better off emptying it out and not take a chance? Also, will they be able to get into my business accounts? I'm self employed and have my own company.
  2. What about other bank accounts? I dont have an account with Chase anymore. Can they get into other bank accounts with this?
  3. This was out of SOL last year but they're claiming that they already got a judgement in 2010 which I never saw on my credit report. Now does this new letter they sent me mean that they can only attack my Chase bank account or if they get this to their favor they can attack my other assets?
  4. LVNV's attorney has file a lawsuit against me 23 days after their first letter telling me they havent reviewed the file but I can call to discuss payment and given me 30 days to dispute the validity. Can they do that before the 30 days? Bank account debt, 4 years old, SOL is 6 years here. I have 3 days to dispute and going to next-day it tomorrow morning.
  5. Wow first time I hear this. I will order a printed copy and see.
  6. Unless I'm mistaken I remember they said they notify each other. I dont want Experian inquiries because they cant be B*ed.
  7. I believe it was I think I paid for it too.
  8. I tried freezing experian before but it put a fraud alert on TU and EQ as well. How can I freeze just experian so I can go apply for some credit?
  9. Is that new or has it always been like that? I called to order (and even pay for if nessesary) a hard copy TU but automated system says its unable to complete because of pending disputes.
  10. Yes. Also the same info is on reports from MPM and USSA. I called today to order a hard copy by phone but becaue of open disputes the automated system didnt complete my order...
  11. I disputed 2 midlands (certifed mail showes they received on 23rd sep) I called today to see why they havent been deleted ( I do B* so I see my report from multiple sources includeing TUs website) and he said there were deleted 2 weeks ago. I even confirmed the account numbers with him. Was he BSing me or something? I did call in a dispute for another item few days after I mailed the midland disputes and I received the letter that says "we received additional correspondence from you so that givses us an additional 15 days" but the phone dispute wasn't even for the same item. And in that letter
  12. "macy's doesnt' do pay for delete" is what they said... I guess I'll keep trying.
  13. I actually settled with their collection agency and they sent it to Macy's.
  14. I settled Macy's and its reporting settled in full for less than full balance. It was only a $400 debt and I regret not paying in full. Will they count them as 2 payments and reset the clock if I pay them the remaining $200 after it has been settled and closed?