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  1. I posted here a while back about some issues I had with HSBC/Capital One/United Recover Systems... Now, I'm back with more questions. My wife and I had a retail account with HSBC. We were receiving our bills through my email. The last bill I received was in September of 2012. Around that same time, we had moved (across town) and we were also dealing with the death of my mother-in-law. While I should have known better, the email was the reminder to pay the bill. I don't know if we stopped receiving emails because of the Capital One acquisition, or what, but the last payment was made aft
  2. In my case, I made contact with them BEFORE coming here to read on what to do... So, just trying to get some good advice on how to handle the situation going forward. I had to close my account. Now that they've tried to make a withdrawl on the account, they called back. I asked them to only communicate through written communication.
  3. Well, I went to the bank today to put a hold on any withdrawls from my account. Tomorrow, after my pay check clears, I will close the account and open a new one. My concern is that they have me "on tape" agreeing to pay a certain amount by a certain date. Is this something that can hold up in court? Seems like they're allowed to lie and say whatever to collect a debt. What rights do I have (I'll be looking into that later). In the meantime, any other advice is appreciated. I'll be reading up on this over the weekend.
  4. Hi, I'm new here, and have gotten myself and my wife into a bit of a pickle... We had a line of credit with HSBC (wife was primary account holder, I'm secondary name on account). We got into a bit of a financial jam with a rental home we own, that we needed to pay some hefty repair costs on. Somewhere along the line, this line of credit got picked up by Capital One. To make matters worse, our dog was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of the year, and we've been dealing with his issues (amputation, chemo, etc.). With all the stuff going on original line of credit with HSBC left ou