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  1. I called the court today and they have the Dismissal Papers from the Lawyer. I was told that it needs to be signed by the Judge and I will get a copy from the Lawyer’s office. At this time, per the clerk, I should NOT have to go back to court in October but, I should check back with them later this week.
  2. When I get the papers back from the court I will contact an attorney about it.
  3. I mailed it today CMRRR. I was unable to do it yesterday. Yes, that is true if they do not follow up with the court then it is all on them. I have copies saying that they will. I will call the court late this week and early next week to see if they have recived the forms. When I recive the 'offical' paper from the court about the dissmissal I will be doing the BIG happy dance!
  4. Yes get back and lay down. Hope you are are feeling better soon. Thank you for your help bmc100!
  5. I will! I was going to mail it back to them and fax it. I was thinking on mailing a copy to the court. Thoughts on that? I have made copies and scaned everything on my computer. I am mailing and faxing it tomorrow to them.
  6. Thank you…. bmc100 peanutrs Savoir BV80 Without ALL the help, I couldn’t have done this! For me, I do not think that THANK YOU goes far enough. So I will say THANK YOU INFINIY! For anyone who helped that I did not mention, you are appreciated; I THANK YOU INFINITY!
  7. This is what I got in the mail yesterday, Friday..... Dear Mr. XXX At this time, our client no longer wishes to pursue collection efforts on this account. I ask that you please sign the enclosed Dismissal where indicated and return to our office for filing with the court and to avoid any future court hearings. A true copy of this Dismisal will be provided to you upon entry with the court. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, XXX IMPORTANT NOTICE This office has been retained as a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. This Dissmissal Papers are checked 'without prejudice'. They even gave me a nice prepaid envelope! I was doing the HAPPY DANCE in my truck when I got this!
  8. Well, I got two things in the mail from the court, yesterday. I got their paper about their MSJ was denied in all and the trial date.
  9. Sorry I did not post this yesterday. OK. I have trial in early October. It was a long day but this the short of what happened. The Judge denied their MSJ. One of the first things that I brought up was the paper work that was asked for by the other Judge and was not produced. The new Judge did not like the lack of paper work in these types of cases. I added that I even asked for documentation from them and was not given it but, was told this is all the paper work they have in their possession. She did not deny that when asked. It sounded like he was not happy with it. I do not get why he just did not give it to me. I guess we will see what happens now. I really hope that I do not have to go to trial. Words of wisdom on what happens now?
  10. Yes I have a date for early next week. Let's hope that I don't have to go or they don't show. I expect to be there early.
  11. Now I have to go back to court in about 3 weeks again! For more Pre Trial stuff. No documents were produced and the Judge shocked me. They do not get more time to produce papers, per the this Judge.
  12. Yes. That's right! I remember that last part.
  13. I did have it in writing in my Opposition MSJ. "...Here the documents are not supported by the testimony of the custodian or competent witness, nor are they accompanied by a declaration under oath by the custodian or other qualified person as provided in MRE 902(11)....."
  14. Well, I received a responce from them yesterday but, I did not get any 'new' papers that was asked by the judge. Lets see if I get something more in the mail today.
  15. I go back in 2 weeks. bmc100, I looked at the MRE 902(11). Lets see if they give it to me "sufficiently in advance". Will the Judge make the time frame on how long I get or can I ask for 3 weeks like what was given to them?
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