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  1. The amount mentioned is what was stated in the letter: Principal: $2409.58 , Interest: $216.78 Total: $2626.36 Do I call different courts to see if something has been filed against me? When I moved, I still stayed within the same county.
  2. "Helpmeplease0901 owes me a million dollars. Is that true? No, obviously not. Wouldn't you want me to prove it?" Makes sense.
  3. So I had checked my credit report yesterday and it stated the past due amount was $2610. On the letter I received from FFGLLP, it stated $2409.58 Principal, $216.78 Interest, for a total of $2626.36. Just tried calling Dell and they are unable to give me any info since they sold my debt to Asset.
  4. So I shouldn't speak with the lawfirm and try to come up with a payment arrangement? I doubt we'd come to that agreement anyways.
  5. I can't remember the last payment but it was definielty way more than 4 years ago. I know this because my first son was borin in March 2008 and after that I was knee deep in hospital bills. I just moved to different cities in CA, never out of state. I honestly regret it getting this far and would like to avoid it going to court or even getting served with papers, that's why I thought the best bet would be to some kind of payment arrangemnt plan. But I don't want to make one payment and have that payment not going anywhere and not being contributed to lowering my debt. I haven't talked to anyone from the lawfirm yet, only have left them a message and they've called back twice but not sure if I should speak with them. Also, I'm fairly new to this...what's a "JDB?"
  6. This is the first I've seen from them. Correspondence could have gotten lost in the mail also since I've moved twice in the last 4 years. The lawfirm the letter is from Fulton, Friedman, and Gullace LLP. The dell account was opened in December 2004 and I made minimum payments for maybe about a year or more, can't remember.
  7. I received a letter the other day from a law company on behalf of Asset Acceptance regarding a debt I owe to Dell. It stated that if I didn't pay the debt within 5 days that they would take me to court. I've gone through financial hardship and have two kids so I'll admit that paying this debt was not first on my fault. But I'd like to go ahead and take care of this debt but can't pay the full amount asked at this time. I've tried contacting the number listed on the letter but get no response. Before I do actually speak to someone, is there a certain way I should go about this? I'd like to avoid getting sued and I'd like to make payment arrangments. I owe about $2600 and can probably do about $100 a month to them but want to make sure paying this will get this debt cleared.