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  1. You guys are all amazing. (Admittedly I don't quite grasp about 95% of what you're talking about yet, but I will!) Thank you for all of your help to this point. I will review the thread in the next 24 hours and ask for more assistance, undoubtedly. Again, you guys are appreciated more than I can express!
  2. Spikey and gwheelock915: I cannot thank you enough for your quick responses and willingness to help. I truly appreciate it. As I said, this is my first experience with this type of thing, so please excuse my ignorance as I learn. For example, I did not know what gwheelock915 was referring to when he used the acronym "mtd" in an earlier post (I googled it and now know it means motion to dismiss, but I still don't know what "AA" means). Like I said, pretty ignorant, but very motivated to learn. It seems like you two have differing opinions on whether or not I can appear on my wife's behal
  3. Thank you to Spikey and gwheelock915! I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to have some guidance on this topic. gwheelock915, here is what the summons says, verbatim: IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF DEKALB COUNTY THE TWENTY-THIRD JUDICIAL CIRCUIT CASE NO: XXXXXXX ASSET ACCEPTANCE, LLC AMOUNT CLAIMED $5,849.55 VS JKAC SMALL CLAIMS SUMMONS TO EACH DEFENDANT: YOU ARE SUMMONED AND REQUIRED TO APPEAR before this Court in Coutroom 100 in 133 WEST STATE STREET SYCAMORE IL 60178 at 9 AM, on 7/10/13, to answer the complaint of the Plaintiff(s), a copy of which is attache
  4. My wife recently received a summons to appear in small claims court in DeKalb County in Illinois. The Plaintiff in the case is Asset Acceptance, LLC. I did some research and came across the post by "Spikey" detailing his experience with these guys in Illinois. I'm really new to this type of thing and was confused by some of the wording in Spikey's posts on the subject. If you guys can help us, we'd really appreciate it. 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Asset Acceptance, LLC 2. What is the name of the law firm handling the suit? (should be listed at the top of the complaint.) F