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  1. Thanks again I know that I couldn't have done any of this with the help and support of everyone.
  2. Thanks Everyone it is nice to have some of the stress gone, Here are the details play by play of course I arrived on time and in proper attire(was amazed at those who showed up in sweats) there was about 20 or so people in the courtroom most there for eviction processes. The Judge asked if anyone was ready to go and a different Stillman Attorney popped up and asked if I was there I acknowledged that I was indeed there. The Judge asked if we wanted/needed to talk or reach an agreement to which Stillman stated that the office tried to over the phone and that I wasn't interested (they did
  3. Defeated the MSJ and then they DISMISSED unfortunately without prejudice but it is still a WIN!!!!!! Stillman said there was a 1% chance that Midland would file again. Thanks to everyone for your help, Spikey, Savoir, admin, shellieh98, BV80, Mantis Knight, and a special thank you to peanutrs for holding my hand and leading the way I really needed it and also a thank you note to bmc100 I know that I gave you a headache on more than one occasion, more than likely a migraine or two and for that I apologize, and I hope you will continue to help others win their cases against t
  4. I am heading off to the MSJ hearing this week will keep everyone posted on the outcome. I am very nervous but feel confident at the same time not sure how that is possible but that is how I am feeling. I have my suit and my briefcase at the ready. Off to battle Midland.......
  5. They did answer my admits I never got the opportunity to send a sec set instead I received the MSJ had to concentrate on that and the trial (same day).and already on that fact regarding the account statements thanks again
  6. 1. I never received this via e-mail I received a few ROGS, and perhaps something else discovery based (which I appreciate), although I would not have turned down the additional information. I was using it as a template and the cut and paste method was a mistake but I didn't want to mess the entire thing up I have made it more suitable to my case now. 2. Of the arguments I am planning on using I do know what they mean and can explain them (the key points) 3. They are claiming breech of contract in the MSJ .... I am addressing and pointing out the fact they have not supplied the alleged contract
  7. Thank you Savoir and shellieh98, and bmc100 I appreciate you help.
  8. I have looked over the Michigan Rules of Civil Procedure and can't find anything regarding this....I have my Motion for Summary Judgment coming up and need to know what to do with my Opposition do I send a copy to Midland? the Judge? both or none? Also does the Plaintiff get a copy of my trial brief or just the Judge? My MSJ is the same day as my Trial.
  9. I never received any of this via e-mail and yes I found this here on this site and I was trying to tailor it to fit my case (obliviously not well), I will go back and rework it. again thank you for your help
  10. now on to my trial brief I am under the impression that it is very similar to the Opposition to MSJ correct?