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  1. Thank you both for your quick replies. I am a little confused. Do I dispute as "not mine" or any of the other 8-10 other ways to dispute, even if it IS mine or the other reasons are, in effect, correct? Also to send DV's to CAs or OCs before the CRA get dispute letters, seems counter to some of the experts on this forum. In fact, there seems to be a little disagreement. On the newbie posts one person strongly states several times to dispute to the CRA's first then to the CA's. Another poster who developed a flowchart that is really helpful, i believe said to do both at the same time. Is this just a matter of opinion? Also, any opinion on not seeing judgements on my Credit Reports on these TL's means there aren't any? Thanks again for all you do for the rest of us.
  2. Hey all, thanks so much to all of you who answer the posts, been great reading for the last two weeks as I get more knowledgeable regarding this endeavor. FYI I have googled and searched in this forum for the answer first, just couldn't find the answer. My first question as I begin this process: Opinion on DV Timing My negative TLs are all from 2008, most are over 5 years SOL which is the case in Florida for written contracts, by a month or so. However one will not be until a month or so in the future. Questions: Is it better to wait for all to be past SOL to begin the process? (my thought is if my DV'ing some lines will spark action in others that are not past the SOL) Secondly, some forums suggest adding 6 additional months for an SOL to take effect. Should I wait now until all are 5 years 6 months old at least? Finally, and this may be the stupid(er)question; if i have no judgements listed on my three credit reports from these old debts, can I be relatively certain that they have not gone to judgement, or are there other areas to look in? Thanks for any advice.
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