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  1. I'm trying to figure out my deadlines here. Can someone tell me if this is correct? The judges decision was made in court on April 2nd. However, this does not necessarily start the clock to begin my appeal or even a motion to reconsider. From what I gather that clock does not begin until I receive the "notice of judgement." Therefore, once I receive this court order I then have 30 days to file the motion or appeal. Is this correct? Here I was thinking I was almost out of time.
  2. Finding an attorney to represent me in this appeal is proving to be fairly difficult, therefore I need to at least file the paperwork with the court to start my appeal. I plan on filling out paper work today. Has anybody out there gone through the appeals process? I have to give a reason for my appeal. Obviously I felt I was not given a fair trial, but how do I claim this? Do I explain that I was not given the opportunity to face my accuser? How do I explain that my MTL was denied improperly and was not even considered?
  3. I have decided to appeal this decision, but am looking for representation. Anybody know of anyone in the Riverside County area that would worth contacting? And should I be looking for an Appellate attorney or someone who specializes in civil litigation in general?
  4. Yes sadly the result of this they are out the money they spent on this trial and the money they are suing me for and I am forced to file BK. NIce job Razor.
  5. Sadly, I live in an area where a bias judge has the power to seemingly do what he wants and I was trounced in court today. The judge denied my MIL without even reading it. He told me that the MIL needed to be filed with the court before hand. When I told him that I tried to file with the clerks the day before, he just gave me a disapproving look and said motion denied. He didn't even read it. Then I tried to get my Due Diligence on record and the judge had the balls to ask me if the process servers where in court to be called as witnesses and I said no. Then the lawyer said she objected
  6. I've got all my files loaded in separate folders. I have my business attire on and I'm just about ready to head to court. Thanks again to everyone who helped me out with this. I will be posting, win or lose when I return home. Keep your fingers crossed. Thanks again!!
  7. I read ASTMedic's thread about his court experience. Very good info. The judge seemed angry at the lawyer who made him take he stand. The lawyers questions seemed pointless being the judge had already ruled in ASTMedic's favor regarding the MIL. Seems like the case was already lost and that the lawyer was just wasting the courts time.
  8. I've already received calls from the lawyers office this morning and I did not return their call. I checked online and my trial brief and my two due diligence reports from my process server are listed. My trial brief includes information pertaining to me filing the MIL, which I will do in court this afternoon. The brief, 1st Due Diligence Report and copy of MIL will arrive in their office this morning (I didn't get 2nd report until after I sent them this info). So in my opinion, they now know that I'm going through with this. So I assume that's why they want to settle. No paperwork has
  9. Well I'm hoping for some luck tomorrow. One of the local attorneys said the judge I have is "cool." I hope that works in my favor.
  10. Just returned from court to submit paperwork for court tomorrow. I was told by clerk to hang on to my MIL and present that in court tomorrow. I also received a call yesterday from a representative of their lawyers, but I let them leave a message. The guy didn't say what he wanted, but I'm guessing he was gonna try and settle the matter, which makes no difference because I couldn't if I wanted to. I didn't call them back. I'm guessing they will call again today. I will bring copies of the paperwork for plaintiff's lawyers. My next question is to those of you who have gone through argui
  11. Well I was able to send off copies of the Trial Brief, MIL, Proof of Service of witness from 1st attempt to the Plaintiff's lawyers, but low and behold I was told that even with priority over night morning delivery, the paperwork would not arrive there until Wedenesday. Being that court is Wed, I wasn't sure if I should send it because they may not even see it before court. Regardless, I sent it anyway. When I returned home I noticed that the Process Server had sent me an email with a copy of 2nd failed attempt to serve witness. With court closed today because of the holiday, I will have t
  12. Thank you both very much for the info. I feel like I owe all of you so much for helping me with this. RyanEx, your trial brief is perfect and thank you so much for helping me understand the legal jargon. Anon, I think you are right. I will send everything overnight. Got to try.
  13. Anon, the trial is in 2 days so I will be submitting today. Not sure if that I will be able to send to plaintiff in time. What do you suggest?
  14. @Ryan Ex. I'm looking at section III of the trial brief and if possible I was wondering if you could explain in general what this argument on cause of action states in laymen terms. I'm just trying to understand it and whether or not it pertains to my case. It seems as if it does.