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  1. I know it's upsetting that you have been paying monthly like clockwork and they still send you to collections. I just had that happen to me recently. I even had one medical personal tell me to loan the money from someone because what I said I could afford to pay wasn't what they wanted. Sorry you are going through this as well. Hope all goes well.
  2. Don't send personal checks because they can transfer the checks to the CA. Send Bank Cashiers Checks or Bank Money orders and make sure you put For Deposit Only Such and Such Medical Place on the endorsement. If I were you I would read Why Chat's information on Medical Collections. I know the method only works if you have ALL the funds, but I'm only telling you to read it due to the personal checks compared to Bank cashier's check info.
  3. I'll try to dispute with the CRA's again. Thank you all for your input. I'll let you know outcome.
  4. I have tried that as well thinking my husband put me down as an authorized user and I get the same letter from Credit One Bank stating they transferred the account to LVNV Funding. This card was closed when we found out all the fees associated with it only too late. Husband spoke with them and they agreed to payment of what he owed and deleting the fees, but since he didn't get anything in writing, noticed later that they continued to ask for the fees plus interest. Upon speaking with them back then they refuse to honor what was agreed. He refuses to pay the card and as I said the last and final payment was in October, 2008. I have been reading up on the forums. The only thing I haven't tried is the 623 method...whatever that is.
  5. I have tried numerous times to get this TL removed and they keep "verify" it. I just pulled my CR and now the collection agency LVNV Funding is now reporting on my CR. I don't know what else to try.
  6. Texas's SOL is 4 years. The account isn't in my name. It is in my husband's name only and the charge off date is 2008. Thanks for your advice. I haven't received anything from the other CA and it isn't on my CR so I will wait and see.
  7. I received a letter from the OC in response to my DV. The letters states that the ownership of this account has been transferred. I have sent a DV letter to the company they referred me to and they did not respond and they are not on my CR, BUT the OC is still on my CR as a charge off. The account is not mine. It was my husbands, in his name only and beyond our states SOL. I am unsure of the next step I take with the OC. how do I proceed with the OC to get this account removed??? Any help will be appreciate. Thanks In advance.
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