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  1. ok, so long story short, I had a traverse hearing where the process server testified, and then the judge asked the lawyers to produce credit card statements. The attorney did not have them, so the judge is giving them a couple of days to get them. What are the chances these lawyers have any credit card statements? is it easy for them to get? and why didn't they produce it two years ago? I think they are bluffing, and the judge knows it as well. so, is it possbile for the lawyers to produce the credit card statements?
  2. Thank you so much for your help! I am on it right now
  3. So, Obvisouly I need some advice asap. My wife and I are in the process of buying a house. When the mortgage broker pulled up our credit report, it stated that there was a judgement against my wife. Well, we were shocked, of course. Beucase we never received a commons. the problem is, is that we lived in new york and moved to Pennsylvania in 2011. When we checked the court documents online, the summons and judgement were issued in 2012. The company suing us is CAVALRY SPV I, LLC. On the compliant submitted by Cavalry to the court, it does not mention any account numbers or anything else. All it mentions is that my wife owes them $9k plus $4k in interest. So. My question(s) is: 1. Can I have this case moved to Pennsylvania from New York so that we have an oppurtunity to reply to the complaint. 2. How do we have this removed from our credit report? 3. Obvisouly we want to fight this, because we have no clue where this is coming from. 4. How can they get a judgement against us if we have never received a summons, and we do no live in new york anymore? We really have no clue where to begin. We called the courthouse in new york. No much help except for helping us get all of the documents that were filed in court and no where in the court documents does it mention why my wife owes them money, or are they collecting a debt on behalf of anyone, or account numbers We have to get this off of our credit report, otherwise noone will give us a loan to buy a house. And, just on principal, this is not right. So, can anyone please kindly guide us and help us out? Thank you very much, T
  4. And I also thank you Flyerfan. Very Much Appreciated!!!!! You guys are awesome, now, if I can only get you to be a Penguins fans, but won't push my luck. Thanks again!!!! Taro Bapp
  5. Wow Racecar, Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it. Taro Bapp
  6. Hello Everyone, I just want to start by saying thank you so very much for all of your wonderful help and advice. You guys are a pretty amazing group of people to help others in dire need of help. So, I was first sued a year ago by for credit card debt by Asset Acceptance. I actually hired a lawyer the first time (recent grad who gave me an enourmous discount). He won the case for me quite easily, although the lawyers for Asset Acceptance tried to bluff their way by eventually coming to court, at which time the judge wasn't having any of it because they actually had no proof that the debt was mine. All they produced as a generic credit card agreement and a piece of paper saying that they had acquired the debt from Chase. Other than that, no proof, so I won easily. Now I have been sued again a 3 months ago by Remitt Corporation. This time, I was going to defend myself (the first lawyer moved on to greener pastures, understandibly). I was served the papers (complaint), and in a timely manner, I addressed every complaint. I went to the courthouse to submit and also mailed a copy to the lawyer who was suing me. I have not heard back from the lawyer in over two months. I called the court house, and they told me nothing has happened in the case so far, and that there has been no judgement against me. So, My question is what do I do next? This was the following that I had asked the judge for in my reply to the complaint - "WHEREFORE, Defendant ************* ******** respectfully requests that this Honorable Court dismiss Plaintiff’s Complaints with prejudice for lack of evidence and failure to establish standing." So, what is my next step so that I get an official verdict for this case? I live in Pennsylvania. I can also post the entire complaint and reply if you need it. Thank you very much, Taro Bapp