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  1. The SOL in Massachusetts is 6 years, so they still have another year to sue if they want to. However, my main concern right now is my credit. If this will disappear from my credit in 2 years (end of 2015), does my credit automatically improve? This is a private school- not state.
  2. In 2007, I went to law school for a year. After 1 year, I decided to withdraw. During the summer of 2008, I got a job, sent a note to the school through some kind of online messaging system and never went back. In September of 2008, I received a tuition bill and called the school upon receiving it. I was told that they never got my message and that I should now send an email so they could have my intent to withdraw on file. So, I sent the the email and was told over the phone that I owed 60% of the tuition since it was now the third week of class. I never paid the bill since I didn't have $6,