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  1. Wow, thank you for the amazingly fast response. I guess I'll work on a letter to the OC tonight. I'll try to dig up what proof I can. The itemized statement from Vonage shows when I last made or received a phone call, which is several weeks before the next month's charge. Hopefully I can find something more substantial. I did not expect this, so I'm not sure how complete my records are. I'm curious why you suggest paying the OC? I would prefer not to pay something that I don't believe I owe, even if it ends up costing me more than the amount they claim. However, I came here for a
  2. The backstory:I had an account with Vonage for several years. It was paid automatically by debit card. With some difficulty, I closed the account. Also, for unrelated reasons, I obtained a new debit card so they were no longer able to charge me automatically. Vonage attempted to charge me for the month after I cancelled the service, and they sent my account to a collection agency. In summary, Vonage placed the account with RMS. They claim I owe $37.59. I believe I don't. I sent them a DV letter. The original: My DV: They responded with a letter and what appears to be some kind of comp