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  1. This is what exactly happened to me, my case is no different. I don't think no matter what I did or say I was going to lose and the judge was going to side with the JDB no matter what and fit me the bill of an appeal. Now CO appeals calls for a bond of the judgement and I don't think I can come up with that along with the appeal.
  2. Update after Trial Judgement in favor of plantiff for 4800 judge looked at MIL and excepted all the exibits to build a foundation. allowed new witness to testify and found the witness creditable and comply with business practices and the other stuff. This witness was new and I objected to it but because he was not in the discloser. Judge then wanted me to either move forward with it or move trial out to a new date, but he instisted on continuance and I did. Judge then scolded me that I ran up the debt and is mine, I did admit to opening up the account. Told me a story about a long time ago b
  3. I will just copy and paste. Please see if this works or if I need to revamp it somewhat. I need to send it out today as my trial is on the 13th. Info name COUNTY COURT, WELD COUNTY, COLORADO PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES LLC Plaintiff, vs. xxxxxxxxxxxxx Defendant Case No.: xxxxxxxxxxx Div: x Defendants Motion in Limine Date: DECEMBER 31th, 2013 MOTION Comes now the Defendant, pro se, requests in limine, that this Honorable Court preclude documents offered by the Plaintiffs in relation to this matter before the Court. Defendant states as follows: I. Facts: a. Plaintiff filed com
  4. Thanks, will send this out today. Yes I thought I had time to object but the court went ahead and ok it according to the Mercedes. I don't think it is official until I get one from the county though as I have gotten the same paperwork from the county and mercedes at different tiimes. Nothing was signed by the courts but just got the letterhead containing the order granted for telephonic testimony. I hope this isn't a scare tactic by mercedes, should I send in the order granted along with my objection.
  5. Well I got the paperwork from the attorney on Dec 3. I have the motion for telephonic testimony dated 11/26 sent out to me. In the packet as well theres a Order granting telephonic testimony. It says this matter coming on before the court and the court having reviewed the case and things surrounding this case, now therefore. It is hereby ordered, that the plaintiffs witness, Ricky L. Vaughan or associate will testify as to the matters and things contained in the plaintiffs motion for telephonic testimony at the present trial date. This is the first news I got of it. I think the attorne
  6. Ok shellieh98They just sent me the motion to appear telephonically and the court granted it. So do I send the Objection to appear Telephonically now and at the bottom they give a reason not to appear due to amount exceeds the matter due at issue and saying that requiring the witness to appear in person would prejudice both sides unnecessarily. So where you have #12, plaintiff gives no valid reason, what do I put in their now that they are saying it exceeds the amount at issue.
  7. So I am looking back at the bill of sales and I have two of them from which the attorneys sent me. I have one from the first time around that they sent me and it is from HSBC receivables acquistion company I, who sold it to Portfolio recovery associates LLC. dated 20th of January 2012. This is the one I got the dismiss with prejudice. Then I have one from the reopen case and it is the bill of sale and assighnment of assets from us bank dated march 28, 2012. I know this portfolio bought it from HSBC and now has a bill of assighnment from US bank when portfolio bought it from HSBC. Freaki
  8. Yes copies. account statements , bill of sale looks to be a generic for the whole sale, does not have my information on it at all, and the reacted account data which has my name, ss, adress and in bold print the data printed by portfolio recover a$$. LLC from electronic records provided by US bank National Association ND pursuant to the sale of accounts from U.S bank national association ND to portfolio recover a$$, LLC on 3/28/2012
  9. Ok trial date set for january. Man she is one persuasive bitch. She insists I owe her or her client money. Tells me she can buy debt and collect on it, I almost gave her the finger. I just tell her I will settle this matter at trial. She's telling the judge she doesn't know why we even have to go that far and that she has all the evidence, yada, yada. The judge sets a date in Dec but she can not make it and now its mid Jan. Need to prepare as I was not prepared at the pretrial and was so nervous in front of the judge. Didn't know I was going to be in front of one until I got there. Ok
  10. Ok, I will start working on the MIL and will post and get help from you guys so I don't implement myself or sound stupid. So the pretrial is to talk it out and try to settle instead of going to court right? I'm also guessing if I don't settle the attorney will go on with the case and we will set a trial at a date set forth. What do I say to the attorney at pretrial then. I know I just deny, deny deny. anything else.
  11. I dont have a court date yet, just a pretrial date for the 18th. My writing skills are ok but some of the stuff written is like the bible. They sent me accounts statements 8/10-10/10 and 4/11-5/11 Bill of sale and assingment of assets, of course with none of my name or account on it reacted account data Ok I will send my disclosure statement back with the , "Defendant has no documents at this time, but will supplement if any become available" and "Defendant has no witnesses at this time except for impeachment purposes" also says keep a copy of my completed disclosure statement and its att