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  1. just won yesterday got it dismissed without prejudice against UNIFUND, also against CACH LLC last year so i'm 2 for 2 ...want to thank everyone for all the information did need to ask many questions since their is so much info , i got all i needed filled out my forms "alot" and won so thank you
  2. @qbert Hey i'm being sued by Lang richart and patch , i already answered , than they sent me interrigatories , a production of doc and admissions in which i answered all denying everythting than i sent out a bop and interregatories to them and they sent me an answer to affidavit saying their still researching an affidavit from someone whos an employee of citibank and several ending statements from 2009 ,2010, showing amount owed ..whats my next move..just a heads up they account was open the same time i changed my name and sent to not my address but another from where i was living at the time ...any other moves i can make ..i dont think their going to give up according to them i owe 4500 ..need to get them to drop the case can use any advice ....thanks stormy
  3. Thank you, i figured that out just yesterday ,i decided to download pleading paper and fill it in myself since their is no Response for Production of Documents but thanks for taking the time to find that out for me...Do you know if their is a form to answer interrogatories or do i need to use the pleading paper again . and if someone has put up answers to interrogatories that can be used in answering .... Thanks again Shellieh
  4. being sued by UNIfund CCR,NA i've done pretty good so far reading the boards and online stuff , now i already filled out a answer form for their request for admissions, i still have a request for production and form interrogatories to fill out but i'm looking for forms for these two so i can fill them out online and print does anyone have a template for these for california civil courts ..if you do i appreciate the link or form .. Thanks stormy p also any advice on how to answer interrogatories would be useful too..