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  1. Here's the pdf that they sent to me.
  2. Update, So may came around for my pre trial hearing. The judge gave the plaintiff to July 16th to provide me documents as requested in my demand to produce ( the Plaintiff's lawyer whined that they didn't understand what I was asking for ). Today I received a itemized ledger of billing, the promissory note I already had, a Blanket endorsement?, a bill of sale from the original creditor to Sallie Mae. These alleged loans where purchased as part of a portfolio by Sallie Mae, They state theres a Exhibit D which should be the affidavit of service how ever there is no exhibit D. The ledger
  3. Update* Today I received some documents from the plaintiff in regards to my discovery that I requested back in Feb. these documents are from the original creditor and are the agreements that I signed. They do have different account numbers then the ones that the plaintiff used in their summons. I didn't receive any assignment of debt to the plaintiff and no copies of payments made. After seeing the original account number I realized that I disputed these loans a while back with a different debt collector. That debt collector sent a letter back stating that they are returning the debt bac
  4. These aren't Federal back loans I just got those consolidated in Dec, matter of fact I got the summons shortly after the completion of the consolidation.
  5. @usctrojanalum - Thanks. @BV80 - I have tried to upload the summons but something happen and I have no space left to use I'll do something through google docs when I get a min. From my understanding Sallie Mae is the OC, for these alleged loans I called them when I first got the summons they said they never sold the loans and that they are still servicing them. the rep said he never heard of SLM edu ( the plaintiff ) the rep said that they weren't sent to some CA, I called that CA and their rep told me they hired another CA because they weren't able to collect in New York. I might be c
  6. That was their request to dismiss my counter counter claim, not the actual case itself. Thanks for the info, actually now that I think about I have to wait before sending any other demands out I need to see what documents they produce. Does this go for motions as well I can send those out when ever I need to ? etc. I plan on contacting the ATTYs by letter informing them that I haven't received any documents probably around the 30 day mark. If by the 45 day mark I don't hear back I will file a motion to compel.
  7. I received my pre trial date from the court, along with a " reply to counter claim" from the plaintiff. With in the reply the plaintiff is asking for a demand to dismiss with prejudice. I sent out a opposition to dismiss that included a exhibit and a memorandum of law citing a few cases. As of today I have not received anything from the plaintiff on my demand to produce documents ( 20 days have pass ). My question is when does discovery start? Does the plaintiff have to respond or did I jump the gun with filing my demand? I would like to demand for a bill of particulars or Request for Inter
  8. i uploaded the summons. Here is my answer , and demand to produce documents they should be receiving them today. CITY COURT OF THE CITY OF County of WRITTEN ANSWER Index Number:
  9. I am going to try to keep this case up to date as it proceeds. Background : In Dec of 2013 I consolidated my Fed back student loans to get them out of default. flash forward to present, on feb 18th my father in law stopped by my house to hand me some mail ( moved in Dec 2013) from my old address included in the mail was a envelop post date Feb 8th inside surprise a summons from SLM edu. suing for 5 different amounts on what turns out to be 5 private student loan from Sallie Mae. So on the 19th I decided to give Sallie Mae a call, their IVR ask me to input the account number which I did fr
  10. Yeah I really don't know how they are hard hits or why I know for sure though that one is a CA that was hired from Sallie Mae ( now there is a hard hit from Sallie Mae on my reports as well and with in the same month), I have 3 other ones I want to remove that are also CA's which are trying to collect on medical debt. I have a total of 8 hard hits the four I mention above and the other three are from capital one and I know about them and there actually about to fall off. I never really applied for credit cards cause i knew I wouldn't be approved Transunion this is a hard hit according to
  11. the hits are from a CA, then they should be soft hits? But they are reporting as hard hits instead. So I should be chasing down the CRB's? The FDCPA says that they have to provide me proof that I owe them this debt or they have to remove the hard hit, which they haven't given me any info other then saying they are no longer collecting on this debt in reply letter that I got when I DV'd them. I am making great progress my report jumped about 70 points since I have found the info and this site and from reading the forums but these hard hits are killing me. Thanks for all the help
  12. Just received a reply today to my intent to sue letter. Same old story that they legal had the right to pull my record and that they are no longer handling my debt. I quoted the FCRA "you must be told if someone pulls your credit report to use against you". And that they still haven't provided the info I requested from the first letter i sent.
  13. I haven't been in school since 2005, funny thing is a day or so ago i received a letter from the CA that I DV'd. It stated that they are no longer trying to collect on these loans and for me to contact Sallie Mae for more info, yesterday my credit report jumped 30 points and these loans i been talking about switched from charged off/transferred to closed.
  14. Right, I followed those steps some companies have replied just not showing any paperwork saying or showing me that i authorized the inquiry. Only that they looked into it and found that there was a request to do a inquiry.